Global Clinical Operations Leader

United States of America, California, South San Francisco

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In Roche/Genentech Pharma Product Development (PD) Global Clinical Operations (PDG) we put the patient first. We are on a mission to transform clinical trials so that we can quickly deliver novel medicines to patients while lowering the overall cost to society.


We want you to join us on this mission!  We want you to be part of our passionate, collaborative, global leadership community. We work in service of the broader organization’s needs.  We act as one mutually accountable leadership community focused on the work that will have the highest impact to our core mission of helping patients across the industry’s most robust Development portfolio. And we look for ways to help our talented people contribute to the work they are most passionate about. If these ideas resonate with you, we want you to be a part of our team.


As a senior leader you will provide guidance and support to diverse and globally located PDG communities accountable for delivering across the span of Roche’s global development organization.  

As a Global Clinical Operations Leader you will be part of PDG’s  leadership community operating as:

  • Visionaries: Sensing, setting and communicating a compelling future.

  • Architects: Designing open & empowered organizations that enable emergence, prioritization/trade-offs & results.

  • Catalysts: Inspiring people and teams, fostering connections & removing roadblocks.

  • Coaches: Creating a safe learning environment & building the capabilities of others, regardless of level


  • You will lead a combination of the sub communities that comprise the larger PDG Community to enable clinical trial delivery that focuses on value delivery for patients and investigators, through addressing emergent needs:

    • Clinical Operations Disease Area Community (CODAC):  you will be accountable for the delivery of the PD portfolio of clinical programs and studies in your Disease Area, providing strategic direction to the teams and architecting the development of the Disease Area Operational Strategy to enable trial execution

    • Clinical Operations Portfolio Enabling Community (COPEC):  you will be responsible for enabling innovative clinical trial delivery through addressing emergent, high impact needs that arise across multiple CODACs

    • Country Lead:  You will be responsible for leading one of the many geographies that comprise the global PDG community in an inclusive manner so that PDG operates as one larger community.  You may serve as a partner to local stakeholders in the country you lead and help support local business needs.

  • DRIVE PATIENT-CENTRICITY (MINDSETS, BEHAVIOURS AND ACTIONS) THROUGHOUT YOUR COMMUNITY by always putting the needs of the patient and the investigator first. Cultivating meaningful peer-to-peer interactions to drive a deeper understanding of patient needs, and in doing so nurture a culture of curiosity to enable faster, simpler and more patient centric ways of operationalizing our studies. 

  • DRIVE EVOLUTION OF GLOBAL CLINICAL OPERATIONS through the bold pursuit of the Pharma Vision and PDG Shared Purpose. This will be achieved by the provision of servant leadership, the embedding of radically simpler ways to do high impact work, and the successful delivery of the study portfolio and transformational enabling projects.

  • INSPIRE AND EMPOWER TALENT through transformational leadership to maximize total value towards achieving our vision by creating a customer-focused organization where every employee can make meaningful progress for patients every day.  This includes serving the organization through roles of Visionary, Architect, Coach and Catalyst (VACC), taking accountability to continue developing your leadership capabilities, skills and capacity whilst actively modeling and practicing new ways of working, and inspiring others to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

  • PROACTIVE STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT AND ALIGNMENT by partnering with a broad set of senior stakeholders (across the Roche enterprise), enhancing collaborations, fostering connections, removing roadblocks and obstacles, and applying new ways of working to achieve the Pharma Vision and PDG Shared Purpose.

  • PROMOTE AND SUPPORT QUALITY AND COMPLIANCE throughout clinical operations and into the work that we do.  You are empowered to make decisions for your strategic area of focus, and accountable for GCP/GVP compliance, data integrity and taking a balanced risk based approach.  


  • You are a talented and passionate human. You are inspired by our ambition to innovate clinical trial delivery in order to transform the patient, caregiver and site experience with Roche to bring better trials to more patients

  •  You believe in the principles of;

    • Customer-Centricity: Obsessed with meeting the needs of patients & investigators.

    • Human-Centricity: Connecting with every colleague as a unique person not a resource.

    • Growth Mindset: Always curious and looking for opportunities in each situation & for each person.

    • Enterprise View: Leading across Clinical Operations & the broader Enterprise, making connections & sharing ideas beyond. Always seeking the greater good.

    • Diversity & Inclusion: Cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment

  • You thrive in environments of collaboration where authority is distributed between all of the people involved

  • You are a strong communicator that shares information transparently, is comfortable working out loud and practices active listening 

  • You have experience leading large teams or organizations through inspiring positive change in those who follow

  • You have leadership experience in drug development including operational, commercial, strategic, and/or analytical experience or equivalent experience in strategic consulting, pipeline management, strategic analytics or the broader healthcare industry 

  • You possess strong working knowledge of the drug development process and respective regulations

At Roche/Genentech, we believe our people are key to our success in bringing novel medicines to patients, and we are fully dedicated to being a great place to work and to providing the services, tools and the environment where everybody feels empowered and trusted and is enabled to uncover their full potential. Come join us and help build a diverse and inclusive organization where patient centricity and patient access is the priority.