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Healthcare is changing drastically: radical innovation, increased openness to change, increasing patient empowerment, multiple sources of medical information, and pressure on public spending.
Roche is looking for bold and ambitious talents.
We want to transform the healthcare landscape and you might be the one we are looking for.

We are hiring a Product Manager Neurology

A day in the life of a Product Manager? 
As a Product Manager, you will directly report to our Chapter Head Marketing and you will be part of a cross-functional team, what we call a Customer Driven Team (CDT). The CDT is a team of experts and together you achieve our company mission, disease area and business goals. 
Your goal is to build and maximize value for our customers and patients by addressing their needs. The only way to fully understand their needs is to establish a partnership with them. So building networks and partnerships are key in this role. To establish these partnerships you will team up with our Customer Engagement colleagues to generate deep insights on our customer and patient needs. 
At Roche, our Product Managers are leading product and disease area strategies and initiatives. This of course in constant dialogue with the whole CDT, other colleagues and external stakeholders. So you see, you are a true entrepreneur and innovation driver. You envision long-term aspirations while acting with short-term flexibility and adaptability. Be ambitious in your business strategy, but make sure it is achievable as well. Always keep in mind to achieve valuable impact for patients. 
Next to strategy, you drive as well the tactical implementation. Being customer centric and striving for excellence in the implementation, go hand in hand. You create value with the projects, campaigns & material, of course in line with our internal and legal procedures. Bringing value is key, we evolve from promoting medicines towards much more partnering, innovating and leading generative disruption. As an innovation driver you also develop and exploit omni-channel approaches and digital assets to deliver brand support and value-offerings, again in line with our local compliance procedures. 
Be an expert. Master your brand, your market, your disease area! Because of your marketing knowledge you are an active and valuable member of the team. You share knowledge and leverage information with concerned colleagues. You exchange ideas and learnings with your marketing peers, both in Belgium as well as internationally. Collaborating and contributing beyond your team and beyond our borders, in our networked organisation, becomes our way of working.
You will take responsibility for long-term sustainable business success. Together with the internal and external stakeholders, you develop robust assumptions for market development and brand forecast. The patient is our top priority. So ensuring, together with internal partners, the appropriate brand stock levels in order to maintain patient supply is key. 

You now know what role entails. Are you curious to find out how our ideal candidate will look like? Let’s find out! 

If we could dream… how would you look like?
For this role we are looking for someone with product management experience in the pharmaceutical industry. If you have field and neurology experience that would be a very nice asset. You combine your experience with a Scientific and/or Business University degree. As you can imagine, communication skills are key, not only written but also orally. This requires excellent knowledge of French, Dutch & English.

As a Product Manager you can rely on your creative and curious mindset: why settle for the ordinary while you can go for the extra-ordinary? You experiment and drive innovation in your CDT. Your focus & drive make sure that you bring valuable outcomes for our patients and society. You will never lose connection with our North Star: Better outcomes for more patients faster. Which also means that you anticipate our customers’ needs and you develop solutions. 

You take leadership and accountability for your disease area, this requires a certain level of assertiveness, but you always remember: you are part of a team. You have a collaborative mindset, without being dependent on the team to move forward. The world is moving fast, so you are able to adapt quickly and cope with changing situations. In other words, you have an agile mindset. You are strategic and you combine this with strong tactical and analytical skills. You are not afraid to experiment with omnichannel campaigns and digital initiatives
If that’s you, we suggest not waiting any longer and apply now!

Imagine working for Roche…
Roche is not just a pharmaceutical company, it’s also a Best Place To Work!
As a company, we pride ourselves on giving our colleagues the autonomy and freedom to determine their own best way of working. Our leadership trainings and coaching programs are our best assurance that everyone has access to the support they need to develop new skills and achieve their best possible selves. 
Because we also care about the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees, we regularly offer workout classes in our fitness studio, offer annual medical check-ups and organize our annual Live Well Week to stimulate the wellbeing of all our employees. 
Working at Roche also means having your voice heard! Through regular surveys, workshops and a ton of different workgroups, we encourage colleagues to transform valuable ideas into new ways of working, all to the benefit of our patients.
Not convinced yet? Send us your CV and we can talk about it over coffee!

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Individual contributor