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Primary Purpose of Job (Job Summary)主要工作目标(岗位简介)

Responsible for coordinating & monitoring the overall progress of project portfolio management, LPS related projects/initiatives, risk management related and other ad hoc activities within MM dept. Make sure the timely completion of deliverables/milestones according to aligned agreement


SPOC to PTSH site PMO, OE and Risk management team for dept. level communication and information collection/delivery/escalation


Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities 主要职责/责任
(Major functions of the position)                                 (职位的首要职能)

  • Responsible for facilitating & coordinating project portfolio management related activities within MM dept.


  • Responsible for project portfolio management activities monitoring and routine summary report preparation (e.g. data collection, progress tracing, quarterly report etc.)


  • Delivers accurate and timely data to support portfolio review, problem shooting and decision making


  • Responsible for PMO related documentation management

负责管理PMO 相关文件

  • Supports LPS deployment and maturity within MM dept.


  • Facilitates the Dept. level tier (T2) meeting, follows-up the opening actions and ensures timely escalation of information


  • Supports and coordinates focused improvement and optimization projects/initiatives covering Safety, Quality, Delivery, Engagement and Cost (SQDEC) in MM as per LPS requirements.


  • Supports all dept. functions/areas in problem solving and continuous improvement


  • Responsible for coordinating risk management related activities within MM dept.


  • Continuously collects and consolidates risks within MM dept. according to defined criteria and report to site risk management team


  • Coordinates and monitors the on-schedule execution & closure of risk mitigation plan


  • Regularly reviews and reports to MMLT of the risk/plan status and makes sure the timely escalation once deviation happens


  • Assist the Dept. head in executing and handling internal department affairs, as well as Monthly Budget Control report checking, ensure the successful fulfillment of Department targets, GMP related documentation management and training related activities
    协助部门负责人执行并处理本部门的各项事务,监督各项费用控制,保证部门内绩效指标的顺利完成, GMP相关文件的管理以及培训相关事宜的协调

Qualification and Experience 能力与经验


  • Bachelor degree or above 大学或以上学历
  • Fluent communication in English 英语流利
  • At least 7 years’ experience 至少7年以上工作经验
  • At least 3 years’ experience obtained from equal position 至少3年同等岗位工作经验

Leadership Competencies领导者胜任力

  • Flexibility/Innovative thinking 灵活/创新理念
  •  Driven by Learning 不断学习
  •  Strong teamwork 紧密的团队合作

Job Required Competencies岗位所需胜任力

  • Good communication skill良好的沟通技巧
  • Strong coordination ability 出色的协调能力
  • Strong influencing power  较强的影响力
  • Adequate knowledge & experience in project management, risk management & LPS related 适当的项目管理,风险管理和精益生产方面的知识和经验

Proficiency in SAP & MS Office 精通SAP和微软办公软件