Senior Scrum Master

Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona

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The Scrum Master in Dia Common Assets (DCA) supports 1 or 2 teams in DCA, and actively participates in  DCA Delivery Management Capability (DMC). DMC is the organisation which is responsible for all team and program delivery, including process, practices and ways of working in DCA.  As a member of DMC, the Scrum Master contributes to the definition and implementation of processes, practices and ways of working that ensure the teams, ARTs and DMC reach their highest sustainable performance

He/She supports various DCA initiatives and DMC as a whole, for example by participating and contributing in the DMC Scrum Master Community of Practice. 

This role is a key leadership role in the team and the ART, and should coach, challenge and influence, to ensure focus on delivery, value and relentless improvement within the teams, DMC and DCA.

Mission summary:

  • Actively set an example of the values and practices of Agile Software Development and active control of the organisation in the spirit of Scrum

  • Moderate Scrum Ceremonies, establish and support Scrum in several engineering teams of up to 15 computer scientists

  • Proactively detect and remove obstacles (Impediments) for the teams

  • Lead retrospectives and monitor or continuously analyse and optimise the development process of resulting measures

  • Enable engineering teams to independently organise Sprints and to achieve the goals they have set themselves

  • Advise product owners on the preparation and prioritisation of the backlog

  • Monitor the process and continuously improve the entire software, product, and service life cycle

  • Create transparency and maintain communication channels

  • Visualise performance, process, and product quality indicators

  • Contribute your experiences and ideas within the Scrum Master Team to ensure mutual know-how transfer

As a member of the delivery organization:

  • 4+ years of professional experience as a Scrum Master with more than two Scrum teams working on one product.

  • Practical experience in the areas of coaching, mediation and/or moderation as well as clear communication skills.

  • Experience with project management methods and tools, combined with the openness to critically question what has been learned and to adapt it to the Scrum Framework

  • Ability to deal with conflict and to empathise or have good abilities in dealing with people and situationsVery good command of written and spoken English

  • Live, coach and help the team to embrace the DCA principles, values and mindset.

  • Coach the team to adopt and apply practices based on the SAFe framework.

  • Help the team to develop and live Scrum or Kanban aligned with the DMC  and enforce team, ART and Capability ways of working.

  • Establish team dynamics, culture and mindset which enables the team, the art and all team members to reach their potential.

  • Remove impediments to the team and team’s delivery.

  • Facilitation of a healthy relationship between the team and product owner and ART as well as others outside the ART.

  • Protecting the team from non-value-add interference, interruption and especially distractions.

  • Encourage the team to participate in the co-creation of ART, Capability and DCA ways of working

  • Be an advocate of the teams point of view in the co-creation of ART, Capability and DCA ways of working.

  • Facilitate the teams progress towards team goals.

  • Lead and facilitate team efforts in relentless improvement to build a high performing team.

  • Facilitate the Scrum or Kanban events.

  • Support the Product Owner to manage the backlog.

  • Coach the Product Owner to understand and practice agility.

  • Promote quality practices and assist the teams in constantly improving the quality of their deliverables and meeting the Definition of Done (DoD).

  • Support inter-team cooperation in the Agile Release Train and help the team to operate well on the train.

  • Coordinate with other teams in the ART, participate in the Scrum of Scrum meeting.

  • Guide the team in establishing normalized estimates.

  • Provide feedback to team members, and participate in performance reviews if applicable.


As a member of the capability organization:

  • Actively participate in Delivery Management Capability workshops, training and various other related activities.

  • Actively propose potential features (f.e. harmonisation of metrics) for improving the delivery processes and facilitate Kanban / Scrum events for the capability team

  • Actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the overall DCA delivery processes.

  • Actively contribute to both the capability and the organisation as a whole ways of working.

  • Work actively together with other capabilities and drive improvements within the collaboration and lean processes forward.