PhD Student – The Oral Formulations Swallowability and Esophageal Transit in Older Populations

Switzerland, Basel-City, Basel

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Roche is part of the European Training Network AGePOP – Drug Absorption in Geriatric Patients and Older People: a training network innovating drug development for the advanced age population, a project funded by the EU-Horizon 2020 initiative.

The AGePOP European Training Network (ETN) will boost Europe`s innovation capacity and leadership in oral drug development. Its multisectoral approach will train several Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to become the future experts in drug development for the advanced age population, shedding light on an urgent need of our ageing society. Following a multidisciplinary strategy, the ESRs will collect the first-ever dataset of physiological characteristics of the GI tract of older people and geriatric patients, developing novel in vitro and in silico tools, e.g. a mobile test kit to evaluate gastric emptying kinetics and an absorption risk calculator to predict adverse effects from altered pharmacokinetics.

The AGePOP consortium, consisting of 14 partners from 5 countries, will provide a unique Europe-wide learning experience, at the intersection between research excellence in oral drug products and expertise in clinical research and practice, preparing Early Stage Researchers to lead their future careers with confidence and success.

Roche is going to host an Early Stage Researchers Position (PhD Position) at our Labs at Roche’s Headquarter in Basel, Switzerland. Hence, we are looking for a highly motivated, open-minded person to join Roche’s Pharmaceutical R&D team.

Please find below the details of the project/position and the requirements you need to bring to be considered for the role.

Project Description

  • It is the goal of the project to assess the swallowing capability and esophageal transit characteristics in the older population and to determine the type and size of oral drug formulations preferred by older people. Based on the results and the use of in vitro tools simulating the esophageal transit oral dosage forms with improved swallowability properties will be designed.

Expected Results

  • Novel relevant data on the prevalence of swallowing difficulties in the older populations and the physiologic characteristics of the esophageal transit will be generated. The project outcomes will enable development of specific oral formulations for patients with swallowing difficulties. The project ultimately aims to increase compliance and efficacy of drug therapies in geriatric patients.

PhD Awarding Institution including planned secondment during the PhD

  • Host: University of Greifswald (Germany)

Essential Background

  • Master’s degree or Diploma or Second state examination in Pharmacy

Desirable Background

  • Experiences in Pharmaceutical Technology / Biopharmaceutics

Local Requirements

  • Sufficiently high ability to understand and express themselves in written and spoken English as well as in written and spoken German

Planned Start Date

  • 1st of May 2021

You can find this vacancy (ESR1) as well on AGePOP

As this is a collaboration between Roche and AGePOP, please note that your application can only be taken into account if you place your application via the AGePOP Webpage. Please follow the respective instructions.

For the AGePOP Project one additional PhD Position is set-up in close collaboration with Roche. This position is hosted at the University Greifswald in Germany and a secondment at Roche is planned. You can find this position on the AGePOP Webpage when searching for ESR2. If you are interested in this opening, please apply directly via AGePOP Webpage.

Roche is an equal opportunity employer.

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