Engineer (m/f/d) for microbial clone and antigen development, display based affinity maturations and NGS data analysis

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What you need to know about the department

You will be part of the R&D Team Recombinant Proteins & Display Technologies and support the development of new diagnostic assay systems with protein based rare reagents. Unlike in many other labs, specialized on one particular technique, we work on a very broad spectrum of microbiological and biochemical methods from the gene to the finalized and conjugated protein sample.

We employ small-scale high throughput screening (htp) systems for the expression in E.coli, Pichia or Bacillus and later purification and analysis of the target proteins. The results are transformed into lab scale production such as fermentation for high yield protein synthesis and characterization.  

Furthermore we affinity maturate biomolecules with in vitro display techniques, including the analysis of NGS data to identify lead candidates. 

Following an initial training period, you will work self-reliant and in cooperation with the team on the entire process from the design of the expression construct to the transfer of the purified, labeled and evaluated protein to the customer. 

  • You will employ small-scale htp systems such as the Bio & Robolector technology, Kingfisher, HPLC, activity tests and mass spec to generate data and guide successful upscaling strategies

  • You will develop lab-scale fermentation and purification protocols

  • In our  team we develop library designs for affinity maturations which you will utilize in different display approaches and lead binder generation, guided by ELISA, SPR & NGS data analysis

  • You will continuously optimize and maintain a state of the art technology and infrastructure 

  • Presentations and discussions of your results within the team, department and with the customer will round off your projects.

Who you are:

Do you work reliable, well organized and enjoy finding innovative solutions for ever changing projects? You have good communication skills and like to work in an international setting. You enjoy creating your own data in the lab and analyze it profoundly? Then we would like to hear from you:

  • Following your successful master studies in Bioinformatics, Biology, Biochemistry or related fields, you could already gain some experiences in the expression, purification and analysis of difficult proteins. 

  • It is of advantage if you are well trained in data analysis, especially in large data sets such as next generation sequencing results.

  • Ideally you have experience with in vitro display technologies.

  • You enjoy working in a team and are fluent in English to present and discuss your results. 

  • Your software knowledge for scientific data analysis goes beyond Office and Excel. 

  • You are well organized, agile and innovative to work in an industrial R&D lab with evolving requirements and short timelines.  

The position is limited for a maximum of 2 years.

Roche ist ein Arbeitgeber, bei dem Chancengleichheit zählt.

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