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Taiwan, Taipei City, Taipei

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Main Tasks & Responsibilities: 主要工作職責 1. Conduct operator training for end users after installation of instruments 設備安裝後為最終用戶提供操作培訓 2. Solve application / product problems promptly and completely 及時完整的解決產品技術問題 3. Conduct product technical training for Sales / Engineers/distributors 為銷售人員、維修工程師和經銷商提供技術培訓 4. Maintain/update products information promptly 維護並及時更新產品資料 5. Visit client regularly and promote reagent for value-based management 定期拜訪客戶,推廣公司試劑提高價值管理 6. Pay periodic visits to Key Accounts for getting user feedbacks on our products and services 對重點客戶進行定期拜訪,以得到用戶對於產品及服務的回饋 7. Work closely with Service Engineer and Sales team in order to support sales effort, including pre-sales promotion 與維修工程師和銷售人員緊密合作以全力支持銷售活動,包括售前產品推廣 8. Coordinate instrument installation with Service Engineer and Sales 協助維修工程師和銷售人員安裝設備 9. Coordinate customer evaluation of products 協助客戶進行產品評估工作 10. Assist customers in the interpretation of test results 協助客戶解釋測試結果 11. Prepare and complete monthly report 完成並提交月報 12. Interact with customers to resolve product or service problems by clarifying the customer's inquiry and complaints 透過澄清客戶的詢問與投訴,與客戶互動以解決產品或服務之問題 13. Reporting and communicating problems with global service center of respective BA to determine the cause of the problem; expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution and execution of required corrective actions 與各BA之全球服務中心匯報及溝通問題,以確認問題原因、加快更正或調整,及後續追蹤以確認必要之糾正措施的決定和執行

Experience : more than 2 years experience in hospital diagnostics laboratoyr and/or similar experience in the industry 具有2年以上醫院診斷實驗室工作經驗,或相關的工作經驗。 Be able to drive and perform the job is a plus. Specific Knowledge & Skills 1. Presentation skill 演講技巧 2. Analytic skill 分析能力 3. Training skill 培訓技巧 4. Personal Computer knowledge 電腦使用能力

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