Rare Conditions Partner (Hangzhou)

中国, 浙江, Hangzhou

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Knowledge exchange

  • Respond to unsolicited questions from TAEs in accordance to applicable China laws, regulations and codes and Roche SOPs, facilitate their needs of up to date scientific data, including but not limited to publications of clinical trials, guidelines
  • Work with Medical Coach on the affiliate knowledge exchange strategy and execution, including preparation of presentations and scientific papers in their therapeutic area

    Strategic partnership

  • Interact with TAEs to understand their scientific views, preferences and interests and where Roche can partner with them to meet the scientific community’s unmet needs
  • Help profile physician practices, needs, preferences and views of new data
  • Determine physician interest in ongoing research and educational events
  • Acquire physician perspectives on competitive compounds / clinical studies
  • Provide support to speakers on the development of materials

    Standard Dx & Tx facilitation

  • Interact with hospitals (with HKA team if needed), departments, and TAEs for standard Dx & Tx establishment
  • Facilitate standard Dx & Tx (e.g. MDT meeting) with logistics arrangement
  • Connect cross-department stakeholders for communications and collaborations

    Product key messages delivery

  • Keep regular visit to TAEs on product and disease knowledge, enhance the recognition and reputation of the Roche products in accordance to applicable China laws, regulations and codes and Roche SOPs

    Diagnosis and referral process improvement

  • Support activities hosted by Central Marketing for Dx and referral procedures
  • Support NMA for Medical Associations / RD foundations’ events for physician awareness and education programs

    Post-treatment patient management via 3rd party care provider / platform

  • Support RCP leader for 3rd party platform selection
  • Review and problem-solve the execution of local care provider

    Patient assistance

  • Support central medical colleagues for patient handbook development, including compiling local financial supports, guideline, etc.
  • Support local NMA for local gov’t or foundations’ advocacy events by connecting TAEs
  • Be responsible for the execution of the patient support/education events in working with the Patient Partnership and/or PAG
  • Discuss and communicate with the Patient Partnership and selected third party PAG to reach alignment on the specific working model
  • Lever the internal resource to ensure the events could be run under appropriate medical support
  • Explore and maximize the opportunity of further developing and/or collaboration with PAG under RCP leader’s guidance
  • Understand the status quo of PAG (and/or an NGO if needed) and their operating model
  • Propose adjustment of relevant strategy when necessary to maximize the benefit Roche could bring to the patient

Biological sciences in a particular area in neuroscience, rare diseases


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