Associate Sales Director

中国, 上海, Shanghai

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  • Develop, implement and monitor Regional Business plan
  • 和团队及市场部同事共同制定自己负责区域(1个或几个省)的推广计划,并对实施进行监控。

Account & Brand Management


  • Build strong relationships and credibility with KOL’s to develop advocacy influence the prescription of Roche products
  • 与关键客户建立牢固的关系和信任,从而持续影响客户的处方习惯
  • Participate in or develop professional promotion activities in responsible area to establish good interactive mechanisms.
  • 参与或制定负责区域的专业推广活动,以建立良好的互动机制。
  • Work together with Commerce colleagues to secure the product supply channels.
  • 和商务部同事一起保证公司产品供应渠道畅通。

Performance Management


  • Understand company business strategy, set working objective and promotion task, motivate team to ensure achievement of company objectives
  • 理解公司战略,制定工作目标和推广计划,激励团队成员以保证完成公司目标
  • Build cooperative and collaborative team spirit to align well with company’s culture
  • 培养符合公司文化的互助合作的团队精神

Team Management


  • Provide leadership, coaching, mentoring & training direction to sales personnel
  • 领导、指导、辅助以及培训团队销售成员
  • Conduct performance management, professional development and hiring of sales personnel
  • 对团队成员进行绩效管理、职业发展的指导和招聘

Finance Management


  • Allocate and manage sales budget to maximize ROI
  • 分配并管理销售预算以实现投资回报率最大化



  • Develop leadership/people management skills to realize continuous self-improvement
  • 积极的进行公司产品知识的学习及领导技能的学习,以身作则执行公司各项规章制度,进行有效的团队管理。
  • Demonstrate professional leadership and commitment in administering company’s values.
  • 践行公司价值观时展现出专业的领导能力和敬业精神