(Associate) Manager, Medical Communication

中国, 上海, Shanghai

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Competent handling of enquiries received from health professionals, Roche employees and consumers (MI).

1) Be proficient in routine inquiry response and manage PV related cases according SOP.

2) Provide high quality responses to improve customers’ experiences (cover 100% SRPL internal queries and no less than 20% of external queries).

3) Develop Medical Information local standard responses of frequently asked questions.

4) Conduct routine desk search to support Competitor Intelligence (CI) update.

5) Develop and maintain DA based knowledge bank.

6) Develop monthly "Publication Alert" by DA with highlighted key messages, and develop brief slides for major publication with balanced and objective principle.

7) Develop DA level semi-annual enquiry analysis report, and submit customized enquiry analysis report per request from other function under coach.

Ensure and guarantee of the documents and materials from promotional and non-promotional activities etc. compliance with Medical Governance requirements, local regulations and Global standards. Take the responsibility of promotional material review, Grants, Sponsorships and Donations (GSD) review and medical activities review to ensure communicate Roche products in ethical, fair and honest manner and aligned with company compliance and SOP.

- complete review with high quality in timeframes.

- comply with internal and external standards, procedures and regulations.

- find out the key issues and get back to applicant.

2) Summarize and share experience with team member to enhance the review quality.

3) Find out solutions to special issues to minimize the compliance risk, and initiate the communication to relevant stakeholders according to review issues.

4) Develop communication contents about academic progress & evolving topics with coach.

Publication plan development and execution to support overall medical strategy.

1) Manage congress abstract planning and submissions process, lead/participate poster or slide development.

2) Facilitate and oversee the publication project implementation. Ensure publications are developed in compliance with company guidelines and SOPs.

3) Manage external publications agencies to closely follow the timelines of publication development, review, approval, submission and publish.

4) Coordinate cross-function discussion (MS/BioM/PI etc.) to manage peer review comments with support.

5) Develop publication plan for responsible DA with coach, comprising publication strategy, high level and tactical planning through work with brand team.

Collaboration with other function stakeholders and external partners. Contribute in MBT/ cross-functional activity from medical communication perspective. Develop external medical communication plan to support DA strategy.

2) Proactively explore customer’s needs and initiate new approach to address biz opportunities/issues.

Coach & Feedback.

1) Provide training and coaching to new comer / junior members to support them familiar with systems, processes and capability development.

2) Participate in Medical Communication function related (MI/MR/Pub) standard procedures development so as to ensure qualified, business driven and customer focused medical information service.

Qualification and Experience


Master Degree (pharmacy or health care is preferred).


3 years’ working experience in medical affairs related work in pharmaceuticals industry or sales/MKT related experience.

Capability Requirement

Be familiar with internal process and system.

Be knowledgeable in the specific disease area and drugs development and good understanding of brands.

Good communication skill with internal stakeholders and capability to address the conflict.

Leadership Competencies

1) Strategic thinking.

2) Good project management skill.

3) Team work spirit.

4) Self-motivation and interpersonal effectiveness.

Job Required Competencies

1) Cooperate with a cross-functional team.

2) Proven success at leading and managing agencies.

3) Experience in therapeutic area/China market dynamics.

4) Good interpersonal, communication negotiation and collaborative skills with individuals and groups.

5) Excellent planning and project management skills.

6) Solid understanding and interpretation of the promotional compliance related policies and procedures, as well as PM/NPM review, clinical research and publication process.

7) Fluent in both written and spoken English and good PC skill.

8) Good at Microsoft Office especially PPT & Excel.