CIR Associate Engineer

Spain, Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès

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Main tasks:

  • Assumes responsability under the supervision of a Senior member of the team for the management of individual cases (Inquiries, Complaints) in the area assigned according to regulatory and ISO Quality system requirements and needs of the Country Organizations in a timely manner.
  • Resolves cases in the assigned area, potentially requiring consultation with more senior team members on technical or process-related aspects
  • Pro-actively consults / involves a more senior team member in cases not following pre-determined / prescribed process
  • Performs correct processing and documentation for individual cases in the area assigned
  • Cases need to be auditable and well documented to be self-explanatory to a person who has no specialized product or process knowledge (e.g. in an audit).
  • Could represent and communicate result of individual case/issue in interfacing meetings
  • Assumes responsibility for providing information from cases in order to update product documentation.

Additional tasks:

  • Contributes to initial and continuous knowledge transfer from manufacturer, R&D or GCS for new products in the project phase to ensure availability of comprehensive system knowledge.
  • Ensures knowledge transfer to new employees.
  • Could contribute in task forces for individual case/issue in their area of competency.
  • Permanently optimizes processes to increase quality and efficiency standards with focus on customer, compliance and continuous improvement.
  • Browse the code repository and consult source code files when required to ensure a correct investigation but never making any modifications in the repository or the checked-in source code.