2018 Development Sciences Rotation Program (DSRP)

United States, California, South San Francisco

Genentech Development Sciences Rotational Program (DSRP)
Program Start Date: September 2018

Innovation and passion for helping patients is at the core of everything we do at Genentech and makes us leaders in our field. We believe diversity in our science and people drives this innovation. Genentech is also committed to helping train the next generation of scientific leaders and to giving back to our local communities.

Currently, we are looking to build a talent pipeline to help us achieve these goals. This is why we’ve developed the Development Sciences Rotation Program to help bring early in career college graduates to Genentech for training and mentorship.

To continue to drive innovation and remain industry leaders, we must build an environment that will draw on diversity, inclusion, and engagement at all levels. In our candidate search, we will be seeking candidates who share similar values, exhibit potential to grow their careers and leadership capabilities in a collaborative and challenging environment.  

Development Sciences sits within Genentech’s Research and Early Development (gRED) function, which combines the best of the academic and corporate worlds, allowing researchers not only to pursue important scientific questions, but also to watch an idea move from the laboratory into clinical development. Development Sciences’ core mission is to translate scientific hypotheses into therapeutic possibilities by enabling the discovery and development of safe and effective therapeutics at optimal doses in relevant populations.
The Development Sciences Rotation Program (DSRP) gives recent top graduates the opportunity to gain a broad perspective on the core Development Sciences functions that are critical to the development of Genentech’s projects. This program provides the opportunity to design and implement new processes, develop project management expertise, and support world-class science. The rotations are tailored to provide challenging and meaningful assignments, training in technical and leadership skills, and coaching with rotation managers and mentors. Rotations will occur across the Development Sciences organization in Safety Assessment Toxicology and Pathology, Oncology Biomarker Development, OMNI Biomarker Development, Preclinical and Translational Pharmacokinetics, BioAnalytical Sciences, and Clinical Pharmacology. 


The Rotation Program
The Development Sciences Rotational Program is a two year program, with four, 6-month rotations in different functions of the Development Sciences organization, located in South San Francisco, California.  At the end of this two-year period, program participants will have the opportunity to internally apply for a position at Genentech. We are currently recruiting for a program start date of September 2018.

Program participants will have the opportunity to work on challenging technical and scientific projects alongside our Scientists. Throughout the rotational assignments, program participants are considered full-time employees of their assigned department and are eligible for Genentech’s employee benefits.