Finance and Services Manager

Argentina, Buenos Aires

To provide financial and logistics management and governance to the company, accurate planning and reports processes within the right time, ensure compliance with the Corporate & Divisional guidelines, lead the finance and logistics teams, being part of the business.

People Responsibilities
  • Lead a multifunctional team (Accounting, Controlling, Logistics, Procurement, and Compliance) based on Roche Leadership Commitment principles.
  • Establish strong working relationships in which to challenge, influence and shape the strategic and financial direction of the organization
  • Set clear goals & objectives for the Finance department that are aligned with DIA Finance functional goals and are relevant to the local/regional business goals.
  • Manage the performance, development & succession of the local Finance department according to Roche HR practices. 
  • Attract, retain and develop high potential finance employees fully utilizing all global, regional and local development opportunities.
Reporting, Analysis, Forecasting and Planning Responsibilities
  • Support business with timely and accurate financial information and KPIs
  • Guide business in meeting short to long term goals by providing relevant financial as well as non-financial information and business insights.
  • Drive the business plan, budgets and MO processes with local management and exercise a critical and independent review of the information submitted.
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities and assess their impact on the organization.
  • Assess the company’s business performance, both financial and non-financial performance and advice management team of relevant risks, conflicts, opportunities and challenges
  • Provide leadership in allocating financial resources in line with profitability objectives of the company
  • Play an active role as member of the senior leadership team ensuring commercial and compliance rigor across all company activities.
Finance Operations Responsibilities
  • Ensure integrity and reliability of financial statements (results) of the company/division
  • Manage the local finance and accounting function and ensure adherence to Roche Group Accounting (FGA), as well as local accounting standards.
  • Meet all financial reporting requirements internally within the company (group reporting, functional/regional reporting) and externally including statutory and fiscal reporting requirements if applicable
  • Assume direct responsibility for implementing and maintaining internal controls over key business processes and financial reporting (ICFR).
  • Manage the credit management function, processes and exposures as it applies.
  • Optimize and manage the company’s tax and treasury situation together with Corporate Finance as applicable.
  • Liaise with Corporate and External Auditors in conducting internal audits and managing risks as applicable.
Procurement & Operations 
  • Ensure reliable and efficient P2P process with strong controls and transparency
  • Establish and meet procurement savings targets
  • Review, update and enforce procurement related SOPs
  • Ensure supplier’s adherence to Roche Code of Conduct
  • Ensure compliance policies are put in place and followed according to the Group and Divisional Compliance guidelines.
  • Ensure the local projects portfolio is managed according to the organization needs and priorities.
Logistics Responsibilities
  • Oversee that all related aspects to supply chain management (such as forecasts, demand planning, order processing, inventory management and forecast accuracy) are properly supervised.
  • Coordinate efforts among Business, Logistics, Quality and distributors to minimize the level of write offs.
Legal/Compliance Responsibilities
  • Ensure Compliance is embedded in the organization, making sure to keep the right awareness level.
  • Coordination of all initiatives linked to Compliance (Questionnaires, e-learnings, Incident reporting, etc…)
  • Ensures that legal matters and activities (contract reviews, legal capital structure, board member and legal representatives appointment.) are timely addressed internally or with support from external legal counsels.
Other responsibilities
  • Responsible for pricing, together with Divisional Finance to define transfer pricing.
  • Liaise with local distributors and clients and the business for contract negotiation and deal calculations (GDC)
  • Ensure an adequate level of client profitability
  • Member of the local leadership team, and regional FM/ODG controller team