Biomedical Engineer Talent Pool 2018

España, Cataluña, Barcelona

We find ourselves in a transformation moment so we are constantly looking for people who wants new challenges, and to be involved in the business and software environment. We’re looking for students from Biomedical Engineer Career who wants to get involved in multicultural and international environments with us.

We’re changing the medical world by doing now what patient’s need next. We try to make sure to improve people’s live and that’s something we are really proud of.

You would be involved in an international environment and you will have to use English as a constant basis. We would love to find someone who challenges us and help us improve the business and the software world by adding value.

Where would you be able to work?

Any biomedical engineer student would be able to decide if they want to be more involved in business or on the other hand in the software development world. You’ll find different vacancies like these ones:

Corporate and Business

  • Quality Trainee
  • Product and Costumer Trainee
  • Medical Trainee

Software world

  • Development trainee
  • Requirement Trainee
  • Software Architect Trainee
  • Tester Trainee