Public Cloud Senior Product Manager

Espanha, Madrid
Suíça, Aargau, Kaiseraugst
Malásia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
Costa Rica, San José, San Jose, Costa Rica
Estados Unidos da América, Califórnia, South San Francisco
Polônia, Masovian, Warsaw

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This posting represents one open position that could be based on any of these 5 locations (Madrid, Warsaw, South San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur or San José)

The Senior Product Manager has a global geographical scope across Infrastructure Services and is accountable for the definition, delivery and evolution of integrated technologies for a developing or established consumer centric service that has a wide consumer base and significant complexity across service areas.

A Senior Product Manager is focused on gaining project outcomes that match Integrated Service Owner (ISO) vision and priorities, guiding the development to maximize the value of the product for the consumers. The Senior Product Manager works closely together with Service Owners, Technical Leads and Delivery Teams building and enhancing services to consumer facing stakeholders and partners. The set of Services offered provides significant value to the consumers putting their needs in the center.

The Senior Product Manager provides a product development plan of product releases to meet ISO capability needs and priorities. The product development plan considers end-to-end needs together with related products and with industry directions such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Cloud. The Senior Product Manager owns and refines the product backlog, acting as product owner in projects or overseeing the product owner in projects.

The product development plan provides input on forecasting needed investments and portfolio planning for the ISO.

A Senior Product Manager has the technical and analytical skills to bring insights regarding the impacts of technology for providing infrastructure services that meet the needs of a diverse set of consumers.  The Senior Product Manager has decision making skills to choose the path to achieve those impacts and guide significant investments.  The communication and influencing skills bring the product vision across to the team or teams, as well as gaining endorsement for needed investments from senior stakeholders.

Job Responsibilities

  • Strategy and vision involving a significant evolution of services, aligned to the vision of one or more Integrated Services. Ensure alignment to Service Orientation principles.

  • Building Stakeholder maps and engaging them to listen and gain a deep understanding of demands and translating them into what they really need.

  • Collects business needs/drivers and consumer feedback to improve the service.

  • Defines Service Roadmap with future state to ensure a sustainable offering in alignment with Enterprise Architecture and shared with the Integrated Service Owner.

  • Accountable to drive co-creation and adoption of strategic patterns and contain or retire non-strategic ones.

  • Proposes and acts as product owner for projects to enable a leap forward in value adding capabilities.

  • Sets the product and project vision and prioritizes the backlog of changes.  Priorities are aligned to integrated service priorities.

  • Makes service commitments to consumers, aligned to our GIS operational capabilities and capacities. In this respect, expectations of customers are managed.

  • Maintain vendor relationships to ensure external delivery meets the required service capabilities, metrics and requirements.

  • Accountable to ensure GIS is doing the most to ensure that resources are focused on highest value work.

  • Makes sound decisions concerning financial investments and the value that they bring.

  • Strategic, accountable for complex services, possibly composed of multiple services or components.

  • Services have complex stakeholder maps involving several organizations, often involving IT Partner and/or business organizations.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Strong technical and process skills and experience with system requirements analysis and data driven decision making

  • Demonstrates continuous learning to gain a wide understanding of new concepts, both technical, systematic and process.

  • Ability to translate a strategic architectural plan into a tactical operational plan for a complex global environment.

  • Significant experience working in projects.

  • Significant experience working with virtual teams in a cross-functional organization.

  • International mindset with clear goal orientation

  • Multicultural and international experience and scope

  • Demonstrates customer, quality, cost, and delivery focus

  • Builds and maintains strong relationships

  • Strong communication and presentation skills

  • Strong organizational and time management skills

  • Demonstrates strong collaboration and co-creation skills across geographically and functionally distributed teams 

  • Experience with agile methodologies and the product Manager role.

Education / Years of Experience

  • 8 – 10 Years of relevant work experience.
  • or 6 – 8 Years of relevant work experience with a Bachelor's degree.
  • At least 3+ years experience of working in one or more multinational work environments (Healthcare Industry experience a plus) as an infrastructure Engineer/Technical team member.

Proven experience in:

  • Deploys and configures infrastructure-as-code. 
  • Virtual private clouds and immutable images.
  • Agile methodologies like SAFe.
  • Proven strong experience in AWS infrastructure technology and service delivery.
  • Desirable experience in Azure & GCP infrastructure technology and service delivery.

At Roche, we believe in diversity and inclusion as essential values for our success. We have special interest in integrating people with disabilities into our teams. If you have a disability, forus it is a plus, and we have special benefits for you: Go ahead and present your candidacy!

Job Level:

Individual contributor