Head Shanghai Product Operations Site

China, Shanghai, Shanghai

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Ensure that all the operations of the PT Shanghai site are in compliance with Roche’s corporate principles, GMP, health, safety and environmental standards, maintaining the Company’s right to operate and providing an uninterrupted supply of quality pharmaceuticals to all patients. Manage the financial performance of the Site, seeking to optimize results and focusing on long-term financial sustainability. Transmit information about leadership’s commitments and support the team regarding people management, ensuring that this is the main resource of Roche.
•Communicate the Roche Strategic Framework including the Group Business Model and the Group Management Model reinforcing the Roche values Integrity, Courage Passion and Roche leadership commitments, and motivate the team to live them

•Manage site operations in close partnership with the quality unit, local business and support functions such as HR, IT and Finance

•Ensure high level of maintenance for plant fixed assets (buildings, machines, utility installations) in the
most cost effective manner to achieve best utilization of assets

•Support and/or implement PT global manufacturing, quality and business initiatives in compliance with
local authority requirements

•Manage and optimize relationships with unions, external authorities and communities in order to ensure a smooth cooperation

•Contribute to Pharma Business as a member of the local Leadership Team chaired by the country GM

Safety, Health & Environment
•Ensure that all applicable Safety, Health & Environment requirements are fulfilled to comply with corporate group policy and local legal requirements

Promote the involvement of the whole staff in corporate and local initiatives leading to a responsible
behavior towards the community and the environment.

•Lead and inspire people while promoting a working culture which stimulates focus on quality, efficiency, and innovation

•Keep local staff regularly informed about all relevant strategic decisions which affect the organization and
make sure that all employees understand the role of the site in the overall context

•Manage the site population towards the set headcount target

•Implement and execute local talent management and succession planning process in line with the PT/PTG
global process

•Keep information up to date in HR systems, e.g. regarding what are the critical positions and that job
profiles are up to date
•Align list of succession candidates with line manager
•Confirm interest of colleagues listed on the succession list
•Implement and execute Roche global Performance Management process

•Implement and execute efficient training and learning processes in line with PT global training

•Ensure that all legal requirements and Roche company HR guidelines (local and global) are consistently
applied on site.

Quality and Compliance
•Ensure Right to Operate through compliance with all regulatory requirements applicable to the entire site

•Implement and apply the Roche Pharma Quality System

•Prioritize quality & compliance work in overall product portfolio

•Contribute to key quality task such as annual product review, review customer complaints, review of
investigations, health authority inspections, site master file update etc.

Product Supply
•Maximize the service level to support uninterrupted supply of high quality products to the patients. Customers may include the local market, other Roche affiliates, third parties.

•Ensure that robust and reliable manufacturing and related business processes are in place

•Ensure optimal materials management system including planning, purchasing and warehouse

Cost Management
•Ensure an adequate budgeting process is applied for operating costs, headcount and CAPEX

•Manage and control expenses and investments towards the set targets

•Seek for continuous improvements in entire site operation to optimize cost and enhance the site's
productivity and competitiveness

Local Regulatory Requirements
•Site head/Technical Manager is principally liable for product quality and routine operation. In order to achieve the manufacturer’s quality objective and compliance with GMP, Site head/Technical Manager should provide necessary resources, make appropriate plan, organization and coordination, and ensure that the quality management department can fulfill its responsibilities independently;

•To ensure that the premises and equipment are maintained and serviced to function in a sound operating state;

•To ensure that required initial and continuing training of personnel in production is carried out and adapted
•Significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry - in Roche and/or other pharmaceutical enterprises

•Significant functional experience mainly in pharmaceutical manufacturing or closely related activities such as quality management, engineering, supply chain and MSAT

•At least 2 years of leadership experiences in leading a broader organization

•International experience I working in global business environment

•Professional Chinese and English skill in speaking, writing, reading, China experience is highly preferred

•Academic qualification at a master's degree level or higher in chemistry, pharmacy, or engineering.

Leadership Competencies 
The role requires an individual with leadership competencies to:

•deliver high quality results with the organization, prepare for the future, and continuously develop the skills and capabilities of staff and strategically enhance the fixed assets of the site
•effective communicate the vision, goals and expectations
•leadership competencies are required in the following areas:

Focus on creating value by:

•Concentrating on actions in line with the Roche strategy and goals
•Putting the customer at the center of what we do
•Striving for simplicity
Mobilize the organization by:

•Building trustful and effective relationships
•Promoting teamwork, collaboration and sharing
•Modeling and encouraging open two-way communication

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