(Senior) Associate

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中国, 安徽, China

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities

  • Execution of experiments and contribute to experimental design.
  • With minimal guidance, independently perform immunology and molecular biology experiments using cell lines and primary immune cells. Techniques include but not limited to immune cell isolation, phenotyping, cell activation and differentiation and proliferation assessment, cytokine detection, qPCR, ELISA, Western blot, cell transfection, reporter cell line generation, molecular cloning, and generate KO and KI cells in vitro using genome editing techniques.
  • Under minimal supervision, independently establish and optimize in vitro biochemical and cellular assays; screen and characterize compounds using cell-free and cell-based assays including but not limited to study of drug dose response, MoA, cellular efficacy, etc.
  • Work within team to study PK and PD relationship and therapeutic efficacy in relevant disease models.
  • Proactively solve problems and bottleneck to move research projects (and/or new technologies) forward, and may serve as point of technical consultation in certain experimental techniques and/or operation of complex instruments.
  • Other related duties as required, including but not limited to purchasing reagents and consumables, organizing and maintaining laboratory records, and ensuring laboratory safety.
  • Occasionally, may need to work in a flexible schedule to meet project milestones and timelines.
  • Prepare standard operational protocols and study reports in English.
  • With supervising PhD scientist, interpret results and present to manager and team members, and give presentations at team meetings in English.

Qualification and Experience


M.S. in immunology, cell and molecular biology, pharmacology or biochemistry

Job Required Competencies

  • Proficient in planning and conducting immunology and pharmacology experiments;
  • Have significant level of scientific and technical expertise and experience in cell culture, flow cytometry, cellular and molecular immunology assays, and pharmacology study of compounds.
  • Preferably having worked in pharma, biotech or CRO for 2-3 years.
  • Experience working with primary immune cells is strongly encouraged.
  • Experience in imaging e.g., confocal microscopy and imaging analysis is a plus.
  • Some experience in molecular biology; molecular cloning and genome editing experience is preferred.
  • Ensure lab record and data accuracy and laboratory safety.
  • Preparing/presenting results in team meeting; help scientist prepare internal documentations or presentations.
  • Independent problem-solving, collaboration and team work are required.
  • Contribute to patents and publications.
  • Familiar with scientific or technical literature within the scientific field and related areas.
  • Able to record and present results in English.
  • Title of positions (Research Associate, Senior Research Associate) will be matched with candidate’s qualifications and years of experience.