Special Support for Special Qualification

Roche welcomes their Germany's national scolarship program holders 2016/17 at the Welcome2Roche in Mannheim


All roads lead to Rome, or to Mannheim and Penzberg, as in the case of the ten Germany's national scholarship program holders. They took up our invitation and came as guests to the "Welcome2Roche" events on both sites, where they mingled with the new employees and got the chance to experience the world of Roche at first hand. In total, 18 talented students will be sponsored by Roche in Germany within the framework of the Germany's national scholarship program 2016/17.


In addition to good grades, what especially counts when granting the scholarship is social commitment and special personal achievements. When looking at the scholarship holders’ disciplines, a wide range is represented here: from industrial engineering, mechatronics and economics to brewing and beverage technology, biotechnology, chemistry and medicine. Roche welcomed the scholarship holders on-site at the Mannheim and Penzberg locations to not only introduce our company to them as a sponsor, but also as an employer. It’s a win-win situation because talents like these, could be the Roche employees of tomorrow.

Besides comprehensive information about Roche, our culture and the Mannheim and Penzberg sites, especially the tour of the plant and visit to the virtual lab in Mannheim left lasting impressions on the students. They were visibly impressed by the "size of the site" and the "wide range of divisions". In the process, everyone experienced the day through their own "specialist glasses". For instance, Verena, who is studying civil and structural engineering, showed particular interest in the construction and investment measures which are scheduled over the next few years on the plant premises.


In addition to the participation at the Welcome2Roche event, the scholarship holders were given the opportunity to "network" with interns and they were introduced to the various career start opportunities with Roche. In Mannheim, a special highlight was the exchange with the former scholarship holder Lars Fischer, who is now writing his Bachelor’s thesis at Roche. Last year, Lars was sponsored by Roche in the scope of the Germany's national scholarship program, which enabled him to "quickly develop a great interest in the company." During the exchange, he encouraged the three scholarship holders to apply for a traineeship or a final dissertation with Roche: "The experiences I was able to gain here were definitely fantastic! The implementation of a project provided me with interesting insights and a lot of new knowledge. Above all, it showed me how valuable practical experiences are alongside theoretical input during my studies in the field of medical technology."

We congratulate the Germany's national scholarship program holders 2016/17, and wish you all the best and tremendous success in your studies! We’d like to take this opportunity to also wish Lars all the best for the future and for his Master’s degree program, which will start very soon!

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