People focus and a pioneering spirit

Talented technologists are highly sought after in the healthcare industry. But what makes the industry attractive to software developers, data scientists, information architects, machine learning engineers, etc.? In short: The opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and the pioneering spirit associated with that.

L-R: Hank Safferstein, Steve Guise, James Jordan

“How do you want to connect your life to humanity”, asks Steve Guise, Global Head of Pharma Informatics at Roche. Speaking to about 70 information technology management-focused students during a panel discussion that took place recently at Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Heinz College, Steve offered his personal view on this: By representing and working for a company that seeks out talented, pioneering-minded technologists aiming to shape healthcare for the overall betterment of society through improved patient treatment and outcomes. 

The healthcare industry in general -- and Roche in particular -- is looking for these talented technologists, offering them not just attractive career opportunities but also a path to fulfilling this higher purpose. The panel discussion, ‘Wide Open Spaces: Technology in the Future of Healthcare’, was hosted by Heinz College, and most attendees were students in the Master of Information Systems Management program.


Joining Steve on the panel were Dr James F. Jordan, Distinguished Service Professor of Healthcare and Biotechnology Management, Senior Director of Healthcare and Biotechnology Programs, and Dr Hank Safferstein, Executive-in-Residence Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse. Together, the panelists fielded a number of questions around data and information and how it can support tools for better clinical decisions and outcomes, as well as about healthcare policy and its impact on access and pricing. Steve commented on how impressed he was with the students’ questions, noting that they are especially well-informed on the subject of healthcare IT.

One question directed to Steve was about the skills and perspectives Roche is looking for when hiring new talent. Steve’s answer heavily emphasised the passion for helping others, explaining that he, along with many of the people he’s hired, have had loved ones that coped with a major medical issue, and that these experiences have inspired them to join the healthcare industry.

But Roche doesn’t just offer the possibility to make a societal impact, it also offers technologists with a pioneering spirit many wide open spaces yet to be explored -- healthcare has still lots of room for disruption. This is particularly true for Roche due to the key role information and technology play in realizing the company's longtime strategy of Personalised Healthcare. Now more than ever, the patient is at the center of what we do -- and technology and information are enabling us to better serve that patient. It is also the reason why Roche offers such immense opportunities for the right technologists.

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