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New Ways of Working - "Activity Based Working"

At the end of March 2019, the pilot phase of the new workplace concept of Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH (RDA for short) started at the Waiblingen site. All employees (including management) swap their personally assigned desks for diverse, flexible work opportunities.

The new concept is an answer to the requirements of today's working environment. What needed is: significantly more flexibility, the avoidance of communicative silos and improving the well-being. Studies show that nowadays we spend less than 45% of our working day at our desk. Instead, we find ourselves in meetings, video conferencing, or traveling to another place of work. An internal survey has also shown that the most important aspects for successful workplace design are: a various selection of workplace environments and the correct distribution between individual and team workplaces.

The model offers me the opportunity to get to know the daily work of our company’s other professional fields better.

"Activity Based Working (ABW) is a working model that gives employees the flexibility to choose their work area according to their work style and type of collaboration. There are six different areas: Work Area, Quiet Zone, Communication Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Coffee Corner and Service Points.

The new concept considerably changed the everyday working life of the employees in Waiblingen. Instead of working at the same place the whole workingday, the morning begins with a walk to the locker, where all personal belongings are stored. At the same time this also serves as a mailbox. Then the employee chooses the working environment in which he/she wants to work.

In the beginning it was unconventional that there were days where the management team sat opposite me. Meanwhile I appreciate this very much, because I get the feeling of lived flat hierarchies!

The "Work Area" describes workplaces in a team area, known as " Neighbourhoods ". In these areas desks are not assigned to anyone and everyone can choose a desk according to availability. Here you can concentrate on your work like reading, writing, e-mailing or making short telephone calls.

If the employee has the need to pursue quiet and focused activities, he has the opportunity to temporarily switch to the "Quiet Zone". A workplace in a separate room with a quiet atmosphere.

Communication rooms and meeting rooms are available for meetings and telephone calls. Also the required atmosphere can be decided here too: Table tennis room, technical room, presentation room or cosy rooms with armchair and couch.

The Coffee Corner offers the opportunity for a spontaneous exchange with colleagues.

Service Points have also been set up to act as a central point of contact for office supplies, printing and copying orders and waste disposal.

The project has already been running for four weeks and is already enriching the daily work. Because the employee can adapt the working atmosphere to his/her individual needs at every time.

Monotonous everyday life - no chance!

At the end, the majority decides if the concept will be integrated at the new site in Ludwigsburg.

From mid-2020, the three current RDA locations Waiblingen, Kornwestheim and Remseck-Aldingen, will be consolidated in Ludwigsburg after years of spatial separation.

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