Meet Roche Diagnostics Sweden s two little soldiers that are helping in its battle to stay green

Most big efforts start with small initial steps. So when a Roche affiliate starts of on a major effort to do sustainable business, the first small steps are the most important ones. The Roche Diagnostics team in Sweden understands the value of going green but it is making sure that these efforts are well thought through and sustainable in the long run. For a start, among other steps, how about having two electric cars for all employees to use when they need to travel out of the office for a meeting!

"The goal is to get people engaged and think about the importance of sustainability and how one can contribute in the course of daily work."

Currently many of the employees here in Bromma use cars to get to the office because they need them to go to meetings with customers. The goal of our initiative is to get as many of them as possible to use alternate means of going to work, be it public transport or even use bicycles. By offering them the electric cars they will still be able to meet customers and also use other modes of transport to commute to work. After all Sweden is a small affiliate in a country with a large area.

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