Meet Carolina, part of the Messaging & Collaboration Team


Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi! My name is Carolina Fernández. I joined Roche in 2010, as a Messaging and Collaboration Specialist. Since June 2016, I have been working in the Continuous Improvement area in the team. 
I love travelling around the world, discovering other cultures and living new experiences. I am usually thinking about new trips and activities. Apart from that, I enjoy doing handcrafts, painting, listening to music (specially rock and heavy), reading books… and one thing more that defines me well: I am a cat lover! I have two and I really enjoy playing with them. 

You are working in Continuous Improvement for Global Messaging and Collaboration Team. What can you tell us about your current role and your team function in Roche?

My responsibilities are ensuring the improvement activities are applied to the services the team manages; providing process training, incident trending, service health reporting and also building more efficient internal processes, in a proactive way.

Can you name a person who has influenced you in your professional development?

Well, I have worked with many influential people in the company, however, I would like to suggest Arman Siamaki, the second manager I had here in Roche. He was able to inspire and motivate, and get the best out of me. 

What is it about Roche that keeps you here instead of a traditional IT company?

I like working here because Roche has a creative and innovative culture, where we are encouraged to come up with new ideas to improve our work. Staff are well looked after, with many personal development opportunities (ie. rotations). We have a diverse workforce, which is important to me, as it reflects my own view of how I see the world.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”?

As part of Global Messaging and Collaboration team, my responsibilities are looking for the continuous improvement for systems like RightFax, MobileIron, email environments, etc. Some of these systems are critical for the business, for example, RightFax receives the purchase orders made from hospitals and send the order confirmations. Or the email systems, everybody knows the importance this has in our everyday work at the office or on the road.   

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