Meet Pierre Ducournau, Health Technology Assessment Statistics Group Leader, MORSE

My day-to-day inspiration definitely comes from the people we have in GPMA.

A key aspect of my role is to understand current and future HTA requirements and translate these into meaningful analyses and methodologies which can be used directly by Roche affiliates for their HTA strategy and dossiers. Pragmatism and managing change are very important skills for the job, as for example, I regularly need to balance the need to invest in methodology development for the future while delivering analyses for the current HTA dossiers.

Strategic agility and a solutions-driven approach are also crucial as day-day, the team provides evidence for making important decisions about listing and funding. An ability to build strong relationships is essential, specifically with Roche affiliates, the rest of GPMA and Product Development.

Two things really excite me about my role. Firstly, I am empowered to shape the team’s remit, organisation and visibility. Secondly, the people – the HTA statistics and MORSE leadership teams do very serious work without taking themselves too seriously! I am really amazed how people with such different backgrounds can successfully work together to shape the access strategy, plans and tools.

For a colleague considering a position in GPMA, I would say: “Don’t be shy; the area is so complex that it really benefits from people with different backgrounds and ideas stating their opinion.”

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