Meet Taimur Bhatti, International Payer Strategy Leader, Infectious Diseases

GPMA consists of some incredibly intelligent and motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds.

My role requires a broad understanding of the constantly evolving payer environment and an appreciation of challenges faced by Roche affiliates. A passion to influence the global organisation on the need for timely reimbursement of our products is also important. One of the highlights of my role is working with a diverse cross-functional team, giving me insights into different parts of the organisation and a sense of contribution towards our mobilisation and success. As I work in the early stages of a medicine’s development, the biggest challenge is high uncertainty and a pressure to predict the future.

The greatest insight I have gained at GPMA is the value of networking; I have found it extremely rewarding to leverage the wealth of experience and knowledge here. I enjoy working with so many disciplines including economics, clinical data, finance, policy, psychology and biometrics, which is unique compared to other roles and industries. The evolving nature of the payer and policy landscapes keeps my work interesting and dynamic.

GPMA is truly a great place to work where personal and professional development is highly emphasised. It is also very fastpaced, with many demanding customers. I would advise potential candidates to contact GPMA to get a better understanding of the roles, everyday life and the different perspectives of people who work here.

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