Meet Pavel Napalkov, Head of HTA Epidemiology Forecasting

We have the opportunity to work on commercial and development issues.

Key skills for my role are the ability to prioritise, to have a positive attitude while working in the constantly changing business environment, be genuinely interested in what your business partners do and to actively give help and ask for help. My role gives me the opportunity to learn new aspects of drug development and market access, as well as to start a new team.

In my role I meet a wide variety of people in different functional roles and I am empowered to communicate with global functions and affiliates. The biggest challenges are prioritising projects with limited information, with constrained resources, dealing with uncertainty in the data and not being hesitant to communicate it to stakeholders.

The most valuable insight I have gained from working in GPMA is to see the common strategic purpose for groups working on very different tasks. I appreciate how the work of many people with different professional backgrounds and expertise can contribute to a common goal. Advice I would offer to a colleague joining GPMA is be open-minded, engage in collaborative work and actively offer and seek help and learn from your colleagues.

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