Meet Paola Botrugno, International Personalised Reimbursement Model Leader

In an environment like GPMA you can really learn something new every day.

I am responsible for the implementation of the Personalised Reimbursement Model project with affiliates – meaning I support them in developing and implementing their strategies as well as providing input and facilitating knowledge sharing. The ability to listen carefully and understand different healthcare systems, local needs and challenges, is really important for the role. As I don’t have any reference for my role it means I can create it from scratch, thinking out of the box to develop innovative approaches.

The main challenge of my role is to link my contribution to the goals of the countries and to offer valuable strategic support to them. Throughout my experiences with reimbursement bodies I have learned how to convey essential information in a very clear and concise way. Because of this, my daily exchanges with Roche affiliates involved in the PRM project have also been greatly enhanced.

My experience here has really opened my mind and helped me to think about my skills differently. I really enjoy working with people with very different and enriching cultural backgrounds and professional experiences – this means that my colleagues think creatively by applying diverse management styles and they draw from their previous international experiences. At the same time our professional environment values cultural differences and puts the employee at its centre. For someone considering a role in GPMA, I would say apply immediately – just do it!!

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