Meet Michael Schröter, Head, Personalised Reimbursement Models

Being comfortable dealing with an environment of high uncertainty and constant change is key

I look after the implementation of the Personalised Reimbursement Model (PRM). My team is charged with developing and implementing a framework to address a key challenge in pricing and access. There is no rule book to follow for PRM, so the team has the opportunity to define the approach together with relevant stakeholders at affiliate, regional and global levels, both with internal and external parties.

The pricing and access world is very diverse and undergoing rapid change. Dealing with ambiguity, conflicting stakeholder needs and desires, challenging the status quo and driving change is part of the daily life in the PRM team. My previous experience in a start-up environment and managing through change is therefore valuable for my role.

It is very inspiring to work with so many highly talented colleagues at GPMA to ensure patients gain access to our innovative drugs. My team members have very diverse backgrounds and there is so much knowledge and experience in the team that you always find someone who either has the answer or is willing to help you find the answer. This diversity greatly enriches our work and is instrumental in driving projects forward with high motivation.

For someone considering a role in GPMA, I would highly recommend speaking with as many people as possible from different functions within GPMA to really understand what the day-to-day job and projects look like, what skills are required and what you could contribute.

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