Meet Claudine Sapede, Global HTA & Payment Policy Leader

I am inspired by the variety of the innovative projects and initiatives that we lead in GPMA.

I am responsible for aligning global, regional and affiliate functions around common priorities, themes, principles and positions in the field of HTA and payment policy. I also actively represent these positions to external stakeholders. What I find exciting about the role is the extend of the interactions and achieving internal alignment which can be challenging at times because the right balance must be found between listening to different views while pushing projects forward and delivering tangible outputs.

My previous experience as Director of Economic Affairs in Roche France was very useful for the role as I had to conduct price negotiations and face payers and HTA authorities. This experience helped me understand the payer perspective and what it takes to successfully achieve reimbursement for our products.

I am inspired by the cultural diversity and personal backgrounds of the GPMA teams as well as the variety of the innovative projects and initiatives that GPMA leads or contributes to, both internally and externally. These include PRM, EUnetHTA core model, differential pricing and adaptive licensing pathways. For someone considering joining the GPMA team, I would say that good team work and collaboration is key. Engaging with colleagues to help understand their perspective is critical when it comes to achieving alignment on global strategies and projects.

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