Meet Charles Ngoh, Head of Market Access East Africa Region

You will be working with a team of experts, managing the lifecycles of globally recognised Roche brands.

My role requires an ability to think strategically and to work with and lead teams. I enjoy the leadership opportunity that it offers and the ability to draw on the expertise and backgrounds of team members to develop our product payer value propositions. The job is at times challenging, as the payers – our main customers – continuously change behaviour in the face of a tougher economic and financial environment.

I decided to pursue a career in GPMA as I knew it would give me the opportunity to lead international teams, as well as to apply my knowledge and expertise in economics. I have gained many leadership insights from my role – in particular, that in order to lead others, it is crucial to have a genuine belief in the task you are leading.

The international environment is what inspires me most about GPMA, as well as working with people from so many different backgrounds.

The end results of our work in GPMA are very rewarding – in particular when, because of our work, affiliates are able to achieve reimbursement for our medicines.

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