Meet Carla Bedard, International Personalised Reimbursement Model Leader

The blend of strategy and focus on results in my role is key and essential for personal career growth.

The remit of my role is to drive progress towards implementing Personalised Reimbursement Models (PRM), which enable accelerated and broader patient access to Roche’s medicines. I work in close partnership with affiliate pricing teams and General Managers, ensuring alignment on implementation of PRM’s vision and strategic objectives. Strategic thinking and agility are essential in my role to ensure we’re on the right path for each local environment, and motivating through change in collaboration with affiliates is key to achieving our shared goals. I’ve always sought results-oriented roles and I tap into a broad range of skills and experiences honed over this career path. Most rewarding for me is to put these experiences and knowledge to good use to enable broader patient access.

What I enjoy most about working in GPMA is that while we have influence on an innovative project like PRM, collaboration is at our core. Together with world-class market access talent, my role gives me the opportunity to gain functional knowledge and insights about the global pricing and access landscape facing our medicines. I love the challenge and excitement of my role, especially as GPMA’s exposure within Roche continues to grow and pricing challenges become more complex due to the oncoming oncology combination wave. For a colleague from a diverse background considering a position with us, I would say: “Nurture a growth mind-set towards your own development. Within Access and Pricing, we have all started somewhere. Tell us about your motivation to help shape Global Pricing & Market access of Roche’s medicines, and then come join us!”

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