Roche Informatics are establishing and growing IT Shared Service Centres in Budapest; Kuala Lumpur; and San Jose, Costa Rica

Roche is currently embarking on an exciting program to unify the IT Service Desk Organization into a single global function with a strong regional focus by creating new IT positions in Roche IT Shared Service Centres (SSC) in Kuala Lumpur; Budapest; and San Jose, Costa Rica. Paul Kay, Roche Global IT Recruitment, spoke with Steve Guise, Global Head of Roche Pharma Informatics, about his perspectives on Roche, the role of IT, and the importance of the new/expanded SSCs. 

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Steve Guise, Global Head of Roche Pharma Informatics

Paul Kay: Hi Steve, thanks for your time. First, can you tell us a bit about Roche and what role information technology plays in its success?

Steve Guise: Hi Paul, I’m always happy to talk about Roche and our Global User Services plans and how we’re bringing them to life.

As you know, Roche is one of the largest biotech companies in the world. We would never have reached that position without the experts in our global Roche Informatics organisations. Roche IT is essential for innovation. It is an integral part of the Roche mission of making a difference to patients’ lives.

The Pharma Business is, of course, a business of creating medicines: A molecule that becomes a medicine is a tangible outcome of all the data, information and knowledge our Research and Development experts have gathered, analysed and tested about that molecule. The medicines Roche make are only possible because of our understanding of data, ability to model hypotheses, test scenarios, and take that right through to a new medicine. Pharma is at its core a data, information and knowledge business - and our role in Informatics is to be the backbone of that.

PK: Why were these particular locations chosen for the IT SSCs?

SG: We were primarily looking for locations where the talent pool has a strong customer-centric mindset. Because an SSC transaction is usually a physically remote interaction (e.g., over the telephone), we want to ensure and maintain a very human experience between the end-user and our SSC employee. We want our SSC colleagues to have an “ownership mindset” for helping customers and seeing a problem through to a solution.

In addition to this, we also looked for locations that had fit-for-purpose levels of language and education, the country’s openness to business, the cost-effectiveness of the locations, as well as the potential of being collocated with other shared service functions, such as Finance and HR.

PK: What opportunities will there be for IT professionals? What type of skills and experience will we be looking for?

SG: Roche as a company offers all our employees the opportunity to be involved in our overall mission of improving people’s lives - ultimately everything we do is focused on finding medicines for serious diseases and IT contribute to this mission. Today more than 4,000 experts in our global Roche Informatics organisations develop and maintain integrated IT and software solutions for our business, and work on new ideas for tomorrow’s needs as well. Roche IT is not only a great place to work but also a great place to grow.

Specifically, some of the new roles will include: 

  • Regional Head of User Services
  • Service Desk Team Leaders
  • Senior and Junior Service Desk Specialists

The skills we’re looking for include, first and foremost, a strong customer-service orientation - as well as a strong leadership/people management mindset for our management positions. In addition, we’ll be looking for people with a tenacious approach to solving complex technical problems. Some/all of the following knowledge and experience will also be sought:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent English language skills, plus other local languages as applicable
  • IT call centre experience and/or IT help desk support
  • IT ticket tool knowledge -- including HPSM, Service Now
  • Apple & MS Operating System knowledge
  • Google Suite, MS Office, Sharepoint, VC, etc.
  • Experience in supporting a range of workplace devices

PK: There are lots of opportunities offered by other companies in these locations, so why should people choose Roche?

SG: At Roche overall, you’ll be part of a team of over 91,700 colleagues worldwide who are passionate about improving people’s lives. We want all employees to feel valued and respected and be able to grow to their full potential. We actively support and encourage an environment where everyone feels free to speak his or her mind. We believe that every Roche employee deserves a great leader who is both inspiring and engaging. And we take a genuine interest in people and recognise a job well done.

In Roche Informatics, we take employee development very seriously. We invest a lot of time and resources into supporting your career growth and to help you be the best you can be. We have ensured that the SSCs offer career development opportunities within the SSC locations themselves, as well as the opportunities that a global IT organisation can offer. Simply put, we see SSC employees as part of our global talent pool and pipeline, so there is room to grow and potential to gain international experience as well, for those who aspire to that. Our current SSC locations are already a significant talent pool into the larger Roche organisation -- people have started there and have moved on to larger careers in a global role, and we value and are committed to that.

PK: How will these IT SSCs contribute to the Roche purpose of “doing now what patients need next”?

SG: I think this goes back to my earlier statement: Pharma is at its core a data, information and knowledge business - and our role in Informatics is to be the backbone of that. Each employee in the Informatics organisations contributes to this, meaning we all are doing our part to improve patients’ lives, both today and for the future.  

PK: I think our current SSC employees would agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve included a few quotes from them below.

I love the fact that there are tons of learning and developmental opportunities here. The fact that we have a corporate culture that promotes empowerment and team spirit is also a big plus.
Lim, KL
Hi! My name is Kylie and I’m proud to say that I’m part of Roche’s Shared Service Centre KL. This is definitely one of the best companies to work for.
Kylie, KL
Roche provides a positive work environment (transparent and open communication, work-life balance, recognition for hard work) that makes me feel good about coming to work.
Chong, KL
The SSC has a pleasant work environment. We work in a nice building situated in front of one of the biggest parks of the city and it is only two minutes’ walk from one of the most beautiful squares in Budapest. I would recommend the Roche Shared Service Center here in Budapest as your next place to work.
Elvis, Budapest

SG: That’s great to hear. I always enjoy visiting the SSCs and talking to colleagues there. They are talented, motivated and enthusiastic.

PK: I agree, Steve - and thank you again for your time. I’m happy we’re working together to find the very best people to join our SSC teams.

To find out more about joining this new Roche Global IT Service Desk team, and for more information on other Informatics opportunities*, please click here.

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*Please note that San Jose build-up is starting in Q1 2017 - don't forget to check back for the open positions then. 

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