Meet Asli Sisli, In-Market Pricing Manager, EEMEA

Access used to be a function, now it’s the company goal.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I am able to address issues with high impact on patient well-being and company turnover. Commercial experience, analytical skills and an ability to juggle both strategic and operational issues simultaneously are important for success in the role. On a daily basis I need to keep a long-term view of overall aims and interests, while also dealing with operational tasks and maintaining a very results-driven approach.

GPMA is a big department with talented people, who have diverse expertise and job functions. In this team you expand your horizons easily and develop a variety of technical and soft skills. My role has created a robust decision maker out of me which will be a lifelong asset. The nicest part is that GPMA empowers you to try new ideas. Providing you have expertise in commercial or financial roles, this role is a good one to start building access and pricing capabilities. Most of all, you will be working in a core department and will enjoy seeing an impact whenever you achieve results.

My previous experience has stood me in good stead for the role as I can follow different perspectives in a matrix environment, thus develop and sell ideas which are an optimal fit for the company as a whole.

My advice to someone considering a role in GPMA would be: Go for it NOW!

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