Meet Silvia, HR Marketing & Employer Branding Intern at Roche

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Silvia. I‘m in my seventh semester at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, and currently working as an intern in the HR Marketing department at Roche.

After my Matura, I worked as an assistant for a year before starting my studies. The study programme I’m currently enrolled in is called “International Business Management”. This trinational programme takes place in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Whenever I have some spare time I love to spend it travelling. I enjoy exploring new countries and foreign cultures. In the last two years I was lucky enough to do an internship in San Francisco and take part in a student project where we travelled to Washington D.C., Boston and New York.

Why did you decide to do an internship at Roche?

Doing internships is part of my study programme and mandatory. I can personally recommend doing internships to any student because it gives you the chance to get first-hand experience in the business and explore possible job opportunities.

I chose Roche for my six month internship because coming from Basel I have known the company my whole life and I always had a good impression of it. Furthermore, it is a globally operating company with its headquarters here in Basel, which was exactly what I was looking for. I knew that I wanted to work for an international company to be able to further develop my intercultural competence skills as well as my language skills. At the same time, I have a strong interest in Marketing as well as HR. Therefore, the job in HR Marketing seemed like a perfect fit!

In which Roche location are you working and what can you tell us about that location?

The Roche headquarters here in Basel, Switzerland are a great place to start as an intern. To be part of such a big company gives you many opportunities to meet people from different departments and countries and also to explore which job possibilities there are for a business student like me.

Furthermore, the city of Basel has a lot to offer in terms of culture and leisure activities. Whether you like sports, art, shopping, the cinema or good restaurants, you can find it all within a few minutes of the Roche site.

What are your responsibilities?

My main responsibilities include

  • Videos: Currently I’m working on two different video projects. One is a series of videos about Roche employees and their jobs. The videos are called “A day in the life of …” and can be watched on our Roche YouTube Channel (click here). The second project is a series of videos about our different sites here in Switzerland. These videos will soon be posted on our careers website so that people can get a better impression of our different locations.
  • Blog: On our Roche Blog we post interviews with our Roche employees such as this one. My tasks include contacting the people and managing the interviews as well as the publishing.
  • Events: During the year, Roche attends a variety of career fairs in different countries and universities. To organise and coordinate these events is a lot of work, therefore I support my colleagues in the preparation phase but also sometimes on-site at the career fair. But there are also internal events such as for example the induction day for new employees where I’m involved as well.

What is your experience as an intern?

Right from the start I was welcomed warmly into the team. I felt very well integrated and was treated as an equal team member. Besides supporting my colleagues with their projects I also have my own projects to work on, which is great and allows me to work independently on some tasks. Still, my colleagues always take the time to answer any questions I might have. I really like the fact that I can see the results of my work and I know that my contribution is appreciated.

Would you recommend other people to do an internship at Roche?

Definitely! I think that it is a great experience as well as an opportunity to work for such a big and international company like Roche. The people I have met here were very friendly, open-minded and skilled as well as passionate about their jobs. Furthermore, there are regular activities and lunches for interns where you can meet interns from other departments and exchange experiences.

What would you advise students who want to join us?

If you are ready for a challenging and rewarding internship at Roche go to and look for internship opportunities that suit your interests. There are new positions posted every day on the careers website so bookmark it and check it regularly to make sure that you don’t miss your internship opportunity at Roche!

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