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During my assignment I learned about:

Currently I am based in San Francisco for my third and last rotation, working as an HR Business Partner in Genentech, a member of the Roche Group and headquarters for the Roche pharmaceuticals division in the US. Here I am supporting a customer operations group that includes around 250 people who provide access and reimbursement services that assist patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. My role is to provide this group with any HR related assistance on variety of topics like compensation, performance management, employee relations, staffing, diversity and inclusion etc. I very much enjoy being a partner to the group that has such a direct touch to patients’ lives and proud to be a part of the team. 

My first rotation was in Basel, working on a talent development project as a Roll-out Project Manager in Diagnostics division. Within this project, I was involved in employer branding, recruitment and onboarding topics. Therefore I got to see Roche’s thorough focus on people development and investment into talent as well as how this process is connected to the overall strategy. During my second rotation, I was based in Singapore, working on two projects as a Project Manager in Pharmaceuticals division. My first project was about employee engagement, mainly focusing on the Global Employee Opinion Survey (GEOS), exit surveys and turnover topics in Asia Pacific (APAC) region, whereas my second project was around the establishment of a new Shared Service Center (SSC) in Malaysia. On this SSC project I was supporting the recruitment and onboarding, as well as working on a job levelling piece. It was very exciting to see the dynamics and work environment of this region. My development in APAC was continuous and challenges on daily basis thought me greatly.

Throughout my time at Roche, I have the chance to connect with many colleagues from different business areas, backgrounds and cultures which give me great understanding and exposure not only to Roche culture but also to the biotechnology industry. The next step for me is to leverage this two years of rotational experience and find myself a permanent position at Roche fitting to my career plans at a location I enjoy living in, until the next adventure in the Roche world! My mentor and HR Perspectives program manager are a great help, supporting me to find my next role in this company and I am grateful for that. I am definitely looking forward to experience upcoming challenges and opportunities here! 

Pelin, HR perspectives participant at a canyon.

From a personal perspective my biggest learning so far is:

That nervous feeling you get when you are doing something out of your comfort zone is normal and that is the moment you learn the most. During the program I moved to countries I have never been in before, took responsibilities I have never taken before and this journey thought me so much! This program provides me the stage to take risks and be courageous. It is not only a career development, but also a personal growth.

Learning opportunities at Roche are endless. There is always a new challenge to take and you are given a great space for your development. One just needs to be open for it. I have a support system here that is always there when I am in need which is especially important in this early stage of my career. It is not only my mentor and line manager, but also our program manager and my peers are always open to support and provide feedback to my work that I find it to be very helpful. I can see the future career and development opportunities at Roche clearly.

My challenges are: 

It does take time to understand the structure of Roche and learn the abbreviations used within the company. But I have learnt to be patient and ask for help. Another challenge for me is that just at a time where I feel comfortable at work and in the city, I am going to move to another location where I will need to start again and adapt to the new conditions. However, Roche is a global company committed to its values and celebrates diverse experiences, so it is a pleasure to be here and share these experiences with my colleagues all over the world. I feel very happy to be a part of such program and the learnings out of the HR Perspectives experience will always be a valuable part of my career. 

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