Meet Patricia Stewart, Head of Global Mobility at Roche

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Tricia Stewart and I grew up on the East Coast of the United States in Connecticut about 150 km north of New York City. My entire 25+ year career has been in the HR field and managing teams –specifically in the area of relocation/mobility.

As for hobbies - I love to travel with my 13 year old daughter and learn about new places. I enjoy playing tennis and being near water (lakes, oceans, rivers). And, my bookshelf is full of my favourite interior design books which feature amazing homes around the world.

Where did you study?

I studied Economics and International Business at Fairfield University in the US. Part of my curriculum was a semester abroad at Regents College in London, UK – that was the start of my passion for international travel.

In which Roche location are you currently working?

I currently work in Group HR in Basel, Switzerland.

What can you tell us about that location?

Basel is the site of Roche Corporate Headquarters, and our company is one of the largest employers in the area with 9,000 employees in offices throughout the city. Basel is a safe, clean, wonderful place to live. It is easy to navigate with its excellent public transportation and it offers many cultural and entertainment venues throughout the year. I can see the beautiful Rhine River from my office window, and across the hall I see the exciting Building 1 under construction - every two weeks another floor is built reaching into the sky!

Why did you decide to join Roche?

I joined Roche in January 2011 at the Genentech site in South San Francisco.  I saw the position on LinkedIn - it was my dream job and it was for one of the Fortune Magazine’s top “Great Place to Work” companies. I was thrilled to join an organization that is making a difference in people’s lives and whose work could directly help my family someday. I moved across the country to the West Coast and joined a truly remarkable team in the Compensation, Benefits and Systems group.

What is your current job?

I moved to Basel from San Francisco 18 months after joining Genentech, to take on a global role. I now work in Group HR as the Head of Global Mobility and lead a team of passionate professionals in Basel and South San Francisco. We manage international assignments for over 700 employees and their families in 70 countries. Our team’s mission is to move the right people, at the right time, and for the right purpose through a consistent and competitive set of policies and practices. From generating compensation packages and instructing payroll, to coordinating cultural training, to managing complex tax and immigration situations, we work with employees around the globe every day.

What makes it such a great job?

I really enjoy the exposure to so many disciplines– such as compensation, benefits, systems, performance management, talent management, payroll, finance, tax, and employment law. It is also really interesting to work with stakeholders across all business lines and with people from such different countries and cultures. And, because the job is all about moving people and their families, opportunities to refine what we do and how we do it, is part of my job every day.

Can you pick at least three of the attributes of Roche and explain in detail what they mean to you?

  • work/life balance: To me balancing my personal and professional life really takes practice – we have great tools at Roche for wellness and flexible working but we also have great tools to stay connected and perform work at virtually any hour. I try to simply be fully present and focused wherever I am at a point in time, so that I can give my best.
  • respect: I have worked with many stakeholders across Pharma, Diagnostics, Corporate Functions, Partnering and pRED and gRED and no matter what business area I work with I always experience an attitude of genuine respect amongst my peers and with leaders, even during challenging times where there are issues and conflicts. That is pretty remarkable.
  • development opportunities: I think there is an incredible commitment to development at Roche. As a company we are getting more comfortable with stretch assignments and thinking less traditionally about how we fill open positions. This openness to innovate in how we source and consider talent has great benefits for our future and the long term retention of our people.

Please complete the following sentence:

Roche is a great place to work because... of its diverse talent.

How would you describe the people working here?

I am surrounded by bright, passionate and talented people that inspire me to do my best – for them and with them.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

If you are considering a position at Roche, learn as much as you can about what our organization is doing for patients and then translate your skills and experience to how you can join us in accomplishing this important work together.

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