Meet Jannik

During my assignments I have learned about:

I joined the HR Perspectives Program in October 2015. Up until today, my journey within Roche brought me from the first assignment in Basel, Switzerland at our HQ site, over South San Francisco, CA, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I am currently based for the last assignment of the HR Perspectives program.

My first steps in the HR Perspectives journey were with the Region Europe HR Team for our Pharmaceutical division. As a Project Manager, I was mainly working on a competency building project for our Market Access professionals in all 28 affiliates across Region Europe. The project provided me from the beginning an environment to learn and navigate the complexity of a global company. Getting to know Roche, understanding the value HR provides for the business and being able to connect with a large variety of colleagues at the Headquarters in Basel was the perfect career start for me at Roche!

The second rotation brought me to San Francisco, CA, USA where I joined the People Analytics team. When I joined, the People Analytics team was celebrating its first anniversary: it was super exciting to experience the evolution of this very progressive team within our HR community. During the six months, I was fortunate to experience and be involved in a large variety of different topics: supporting the strategy and analysis of different employee surveys across the HR lifecycle, ramping up our internal text analytics capabilities, a predictive turnover model as well as providing support to evaluate our leadership development programs. It was simply stunning to experience the receptivity of the business to more evidence based decision support from HR. The time in San Francisco really excited me about the path forward for HR organizations globally.

Currently I am working as an HR Business Partner in our Diagnostics business in Malaysia. As a business partner in a smaller affiliate like Malaysia, I not only get to know our operations deeply but also get hands on experience across all areas of HR. The different rotations during the program helped me in building a broad network across our global footprint making it easier to leverage the expertise of colleagues around the world in order to support my current organization in Malaysia. It leaves me stunned to think back and realize that I have only been with Roche since 1+ year, while already being exposed to so many different environments, having the chance to meet so many great colleagues, and working on so many topics. I am excited about what comes next!

From a personal perspective my biggest learning so far is:

How to deal with new challenges and complexity! A new environment, new topics, different cultural context – and that over and over again: I initially thought my past experiences do not seem to provide me with the knowledge and experience to face these challenges. Realizing that your tools, your attitude and your effort make the difference was a huge learning. Now, being in my third rotation it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed again, to stress and to contemplate. However, having experienced this feeling already in the previous rotations I learned that the right mindset will carry me through new, complex and uncertain situations. Dismantling challenges into several pieces and tackling these step-by-step helped me tremendously. After all, each rotation provides you with a new puzzle to solve!

And even more importantly: I learned that there is always a helping hand. Building a network, connecting to people and not being afraid to reach out when support or advice is needed helped a lot so far during my time as an HR Perspective. All these conversations helped me to better understand Roche and how we can make a difference in HR and ultimately help our colleagues to push the frontiers of health care and provide a benefit for patients.

My challenges are:

The program is handing me quite a number of challenges – which is after all the charm of it. My biggest challenge so far is to truly understand the dynamics within a global organization like Roche. Sometimes ten colleagues may have twelve different opinions and it is your turn to select and weight information. It challenges my own thinking and constantly reminds me on the fact that there is barely one truth or one way to go. However, within Roche you will find a culture of great support among colleagues. I feel that I can always ask for help, ask for advice and exchange thoughts with colleagues around the globe.

I am still learning every day more and more about the core of our company, its products, its innovation process and the value we as a company deliver to patients. After all, the focus on innovating health care made Roche attractive for me and I find it very motivating that senior business leaders keep reinforcing that innovation is the heart of our organization!

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