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During my first assignment I learnt about:

I started at Roche as an HR Perspective recently in October, 2017. My first assignment is in the area of talent acquisition strategy for Roche Diagnostics. So far, during my first assignment I have had the opportunity to learn deeply about Diagnostics at Roche. It is fascinating to learn how the matrix structure works from an HR and business perspective. The most exciting aspect of this role is that I gain new insights everyday, challenging my train of thought and the pragmatism of my suggestions.

Starting in Diagnostics at Basel has exposed me to a new world of complexity. I continue to wrap my brain around the beauty of how the organization functions in this dynamic environment. Honestly, it feels like Roche is it’s own country with over 94,000 individuals working together from across the globe. It is one thing to talk about it, but living and breathing this environment is an experience of its own. My key learning from this assignment has been understanding the true impact of decisions being made at a strategic level.

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From a personal perspective my biggest learnings so far:

At Roche, I truly feel like a part of a diverse family with a strong support system. This feeling helped break down my hesitations of approaching and networking with colleagues. What struck me most is the feeling that people really do care. It is hard to describe in words, but, it’s really a “we” and “us” culture. This is an environment that makes me comfortable with the uncomfortable, to embrace and face new challenges head on. The Roche culture and environment brings out the best of me, as I see myself changing from who I am to who I want to be.

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My Challenges are:

My current assignment with Roche Diagnostics is an environment of work and industry I am not familiar with. It is a highly ambiguous project, with a large scope for creativity. While having the space for creativity is awesome, too much space for creativity can easily translate to a loss of sight and direction. The challenge I personally face is that it is easy to get excited, lost and stuck down the rabbit hole as I learn something new about the organization everyday. I always have to remember to pull myself back up while continuing to dig deep and ask myself  what’s the bigger picture, what’s pragmatic and what are implications of  my actions. Often, when I am at loss, what helps me most is that I am able to reach out to fellow colleagues and perspectives and rely on them to help me ask the right questions and find my way back. I feel the few months I have been here, has already helped learn and grow so much. I am thrilled and look forward to the new opportunities to come.

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