Meet Pia

During my assignments I learned about:

My first assignment was in the area of Talent Development for the region Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa of Roche Pharma. After that I worked as a recruiter in the UK and Ireland affiliate for Roche Diagnostics and in my current assignment I am supporting colleagues in our Global Product Strategy division as their Human Resources Business Partner.
During my assignments I learned about numerous aspects of the Human Resources function and at the same time gained culturally enriching experiences. For me, working together with and being exposed to experienced HR professionals and leaders from all parts of the organization in itself is an excellent learning. By networking, asking a lot of questions and getting colleagues’ thoughts about my work, I continuously build my big picture of the Roche organization and learn to understand how we in HR can create an environment in which employees feel valued and can grow to their to full potential.

From a personal perspective my biggest learning so far is:

In Roche I came to know a supportive environment where people are approachable and inspire each other, are willing to share experiences and provide guidance – irrespective of their hierarchical position. I am impressed that people’s commitment goes far beyond their immediate area of responsibility - they are truly interested in understanding each other’s views, in collaborating across boundaries and working towards our overall mission of making a difference in patients’ lives. So in summary, my biggest personal learning was to realize that for me Roche is a truly great place to work that offers just the right atmosphere to develop new skills, take risks and accept challenges.

My challenges are:

Throughout my HR Perspectives Program I have been overwhelmed by the diversity of opportunities that Roche offers and always found it challenging to make a decision for my next assignment - as this meant to say no (for now) to another great opportunity.

Especially choosing whether to work at a large or a small site has been challenging for me. Being based at large sites such as the Roche Headquarters in Basel or Genentech in South San Francisco provides lots of occasions for participating in interesting trainings, attending official events around a variety of topics or networking at informal get-togethers. Large sites also have the advantage that major HR functions are based there, which makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest developments in HR and always have an expert close by. Small sites on the other hand allow gaining a full picture view of how an entire affiliate works and what challenges it faces – far beyond immediate Human Resources questions. By interacting with colleagues in various business functions on a daily basis, the potential learning can be very broad and of strategic nature.
The great news is though – no matter if large or small site, you will meet and learn from truly inspiring colleagues and leaders all across the company.

Post-Program Role:

After HR Perspectives I joined Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim, Germany as a HR Business Partner.

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