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During my assignments I learnt about:

Roche as a global company, Group HR and new HR disciplines. I have had the opportunity to make two rotations: the first one, a 12 months rotation in Group Compensation and Performance Management, located in Basel, Switzerland and the second one as an HRBP in the French Pharma affiliate in Paris. It was a great opportunity to broaden my scope, be exposed to group HR practices and work with HR senior leaders. I also developed interpersonal skills such as adapting my communication and influencing others by working with different managers, peers and stakeholders. It enabled me to understand the company’s structure, organization and strategy.

Most amazingly: I have learnt that everything is possible and that there were no limits but the ones I set for myself.

From a personal perspective my biggest learning was:

The two years spent in the program were one of the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences. Being in a very different environment from home, I have set a goal of making the most of my rotations. I discovered Switzerland, travelled around Europe and learnt about other cultures. Most importantly, I discovered new things about myself: my strengths and my limitations.

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My challenges were:

Learning new ways of doing things, adapting to various environments while meeting expectations; having an impact and making a difference.

Being away from family and friends was also a challenge. I had to reorganize my life and make some sacrifices. This gave me more will to make the most of the experience and value its outcome and learning. Thus, I set stretch goals for myself, every day, in order to contribute to the program as much as I would get from it.

Post-Program Role:

After graduating my first role after the program was a HRBP position in France Pharma. Currently, I am working as a Project Manager Diversity & Inclusion for Roche Pharma France. Perspectives has been enlightening on the career path I am willing to take, on my capabilities and my limitations.

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