Meet Louisa

During my assignments I learned about:

During my assignments I learned how great the impact of HR is on enabling business success. This has made me take pride in the work I do and derive inspiration from the fact that I am contributing to an organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of millions of patients.

From a personal perspective my biggest learning was:

From a personal perspective my biggest learning was that living in different countries is more than simply finding out how to get to the office, making yourself understood in a local language, and eating different food. You are forced to challenge your deeply ingrained cultural beliefs, assumptions, values and norms. For me, discovering how my cultural lens has shaped my perceptions and where my perceptions may be skewed was one of the most fun, and also most rewarding things about expat life- and I happily took as many embarrassing, funny, thought-provoking lessons out of this experience as I possibly could.

My challenges were:

My challenges were based on the fact that I was constantly juggling multiple priorities both professionally and personally. This included managing the stress and logistics of international moves, quickly adapting and embracing an unfamiliar cultures, learning the ropes of new roles and functions, managing stakeholder relationships, delivering objectives in a fast-paced work environment and at the same time establishing a meaningful circle of friends abroad, while keeping in touch with friends and family back home. If you can do that 3-4 times in 2 years, you are truly equipped for life!

After completing the HR Perspectives Program I took on a role as the Talent Management Lead for the EEMEA (Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) Region. The HR Perspectives Program was key in helping me discover my passion for Talent Development and providing me with the skill set necessary to succeed in this role.

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