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During my first assignment I learnt about:

I started at Roche in October 2017 with my first assignment in Basel. For this assignment I have a dual role, as a Project Manager and as a Business Analyst for the People Project that is being rolled-out globally. This is the first time in my career that I have had the opportunity to work intimately with Workday roll-out. Wearing the hat of an HR and IT professional has provided me with deeper insights of the business processes and understanding stakeholders from multiple perspectives.

Starting my first assignment in Group HR has helped me gain a thorough understanding of how this HR organization functions and the collaboration between global and local HR teams. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to build a strong network with colleagues across different functions. Stakeholder management, which is a very critical component to the successful delivery of a project, is another important lesson. Furthermore, this assignment has taught me that it is always a continuous learning process. I continue to improve how I identify, prioritize, engage and communicate with stakeholders. I strongly believe this is a key skill for anyone, irrespective of their role.

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From a personal perspective my biggest learnings so far:

From a personal perspective my biggest learning is reach out to people when you feel lost and even when you don’t. I felt this more with respect to finding my next assignment, than my role in the assignment at hand. Initially, I was a bit shy to reach out to the HR Perspectives alumni and also to talk to my current team, because I was lost with the tremendous amount of opportunities and potential learnings I could gain at Roche. With location, specialization and learnings to consider, every opportunity that pops up gets me pumped up. I realized that there is no better way to gain clarity than to network. This process taught me that having a “we will figure it out” attitude helped. End of the day, it was important for me to remind myself that the decision is in my hands. This was a huge stepping stone for me, as I have never experienced this level of autonomy in career development. Have a big picture of your career and personal development in mind, meanwhile be open to changes/opportunities.

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My Challenges are:

Joining a big project in the middle was challenging and a bit overwhelming during the first 2 weeks. When I look back, I figured out that it’s absolutely normal to take time to absorb the information and catch up. And coming from a non-healthcare background, I will need more time to understand the business (Pharma and Dia). But that’s what I am looking forward to during my second assignment.

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