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Meet Jazzy, HR Perspectives

During my assignments I learnt about:

I started at Roche in October 2017 with my first assignment in Basel. For this assignment I had a dual role, as a Project Manager and as a Business Analyst for the People Project which has been rolled-out globally. Starting my first assignment in Group HR has helped me gain a thorough understanding of HR organization functions and the collaboration between global and local HR teams. Also, it’s a great opportunity to build a strong network with colleagues across different functions.

For my second assignment, I was based in Genentech and worked as a Compensation Analyst with the Compensation Program team. It was a great learning experience for me, since I hadn't worked in compensation before. I got to learn all the local and global practices, and gained in depth understanding of the methodology. Also, I was able to help the team with Workday related topics based on my experience from my first assignment.

I'm currently working at Roche Dia Argentina in Buenos Aires, as an HR Business Partner. This is my final assignment. Since it´s a client facing role, I learned a lot about the business from my close interaction with my client groups. I believe that there are more learning and challenges waiting for me to explore.

From a personal perspective my biggest learnings so far:

From a personal perspective my biggest learning is networking and independence. Initially, I was a bit shy to reach out to to people regarding my assignment opportunities or just for networking purpose. But after a few try, I realized that there is no better way to learn about the opportunities, the organization and different roles than to network. As for independence, I don´t mean working independently all the time. Since we are moving from one assignment to another, there will be a time that you need to figure out things by yourself or you need to actively search for solutions or information you need. Along the journey, I have learned to be more comfortable with ambiguity and be more active when I face the problems.

My Challenges are:

Joining a new project or team in the middle was challenging and a bit overwhelming during the first 2 weeks. When I look back, I figured out that it’s absolutely normal to take time to absorb the information and catch up. And coming from a non-healthcare background, I will need more time to understand the business (Pharma and Dia). But that’s what I am looking forward to during this program.

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