Meet Laura Pope, International Payer Strategy Leader, Ophthalmology Pipeline

The work we do in GPMA is very dynamic, incredibly important and extremely fulfilling

My role involves working in a matrix organisation and collaborating very closely with peer and cross-functional partners (IPSL, MORSE, IPST, GPET, IBL and IMD). What I enjoy most about my role is working to bring a product to market that fulfils an unmet patient need. For example, the work we are doing with Roche’s investigative medicine lampalizumab, a potential new medicine for patients with the eye disease geographic atrophy, is very exciting as there are currently no therapeutic treatments for the disease.

My desire to learn about HTAs and payer systems outside of the US led me to pursue my current role as IPSL. Skills which are important for the job day-to-day include an ability to create a sense of community, enthusiasm, good listening and leadership skills and clear and effective communication and presentation skills. You also need to be able to collaborate with many different groups of people from different backgrounds.

The biggest challenge that I face day-to-day is engaging with affiliates on the IPST and GPET on lampalizumab, when they have so many competing priorities – such as products which are due to launch sooner than lampalizumab. I find the work we do in GPMA tremendously fulfilling; working to bring innovative medicines to patients with diseases with high unmet need keeps me motivated and inspired every day.

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