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Finance Perspectives at Roche

The Finance Perspectives Program is the flagship global finance rotational development program at Roche. It is a 2 to 2.5 year leadership development program with 4 to 6 rotations across multiple geographies and business areas (Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Group) at Roche. 


The program identifies high potential early in career talent, accelerating their professional development and enabling them to be key contributors to Roche's purpose and above all differentiators to patient's lives. 


If you are a talented finance professional in the early stages of your career, and you are seeking to reach your full potential through international professional experience, then the Finance Perspectives Program is the perfect next step in your career.

  •  Alan Hippe

    Our Finance Perspectives program combines an enterprise view of Roche with deep insights into the healthcare industry. You'll be part of a dynamic, agile environment, building transferable skills in finance, strategy, digitalisation and leadership - all while helping us make a difference for patients.

    Alan Hippe, CFO Group, Basel (Switzerland)
  • Richard von Manteuffel

    The Finances Perspectives program is a unique opportunity for early in career Finance talents to broaden and deepen their expertise and leadership capabilities while working in different parts of our global Finance network.

    Richard von Manteuffel, People & Culture Chapter Lead Business Partnering Group Functions, Basel (Switzerland)
  • Francois du Toit

    The Finance Perspectives program excites our people around a common purpose - to learn, to connect and to unleash their capabilities towards Roche's Group and finance ambitions. It is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of finance's value, and how this value is delivered.

    Francois du Toit, Head of Pharma Finance, Basel (Switzerland)
  • Carmen Kerschbaum

    The Finance Perspectives program allows candidates to build a well-rounded understanding of the Roche ecosystem, equipping them with a breadth of experiences to become the future leaders in finance.

    Carmen Kerschbaum, Head of Pharma Research and early Development (pReD) Finance, Basel (Switzerland)
  • Daniel Aragon

    Having worked across divisions and areas of Roche in several cultural environments has taught me to swiftly adapt to different communication and working styles to become a champion of creative behaviors and enterprise thinking, while honing partnerships -and friendships- with incredible people committed to patients.

    Daniel Aragon, Lifecycle Finance Manager, Pleasanton (USA)
  • Noémie Heroin

    The Finance Perspectives program allowed me to learn and experiment in different environments and roles. This helped me build a well-rounded understanding of Roche, establish a broad network and discover where my passion meets the company’s needs.

    Noémie Heroin, Finance Manager Pharma Affiliate, Singapore
  • Nabeeha Qazi

    The opportunity to work across diverse cultures and locations with an intent of learning and upskilling myself to contribute to the shared goal of improving patients lives has been the highlight of the Finance Perspectives for me.

    Nabeeha Qazi, Manager of Financial Reporting and Business Analytics, Almere (the Netherlands)

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