Meet Phuong, Drug Safety Specialist


Tell us a bit about yourself 

I completed my undergraduate in the UK, majored in Biotechnology, then a Master degree in Drug Design, which gave me the opportunity to be familiar with both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. I was able to join different projects and gained valuable knowledge and experiences in both environments. I came back to Vietnam about 2 years ago with the desire to have a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.

In which Roche location do you currently work and what can you tell us about that location as a work environment? 

I am currently a Roche Vietnam employee, based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our office, which is located in the Bitexco tower – a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City – can be considered as the most ideal office with a great location in the heart of the city center. It is equipped with a variety of facilities within the building or just a few step away, including cinema, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The open-space office design encourages a more friendly and transparent working environment.

Why did you decide to join Roche and why at this location?

I wanted to have a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. I also want to get more familiar with the network of a global organization, to learn how to operate within the boundary of compliance but still provide flexibility for business growth. Ho Chi Minh City is always a good place for a starter as it is friendly with a very open and accommodating culture and environment.

What is your current position at Roche?

I am currently working as a Drug Safety Specialist. This role enables me to expand my knowledge and communication to not only Medical Affair colleagues but also all affiliate staff for different tasks. The drug safety unit is not only present to passively receive Adverse Event reporting but also to pro-actively seek improvement in pharmacovigilance awareness of our staff and to integrate into affiliate’s regular activities.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

Roche always strives for improvements to develop “a great place to work” for our employees. We are very much focusing on employees welfare with several global initiated projects. Roche is also an employer who is willing to listen to employees’ ideas, treat people fairly and have a clear purpose – and a mission that everyone understands.

How would you describe the people working here?

It has been a privilege for me to be able to join Representative office of Roche Pharma Vietnam where I am able to meet and work with the most fun-loving and hardworking people, who always put teamwork on top of everything. People here are always welcoming with a great smile on their face, know the goals and always work hard toward it until the very end. “Work hard, play hard’ is our team’s motto.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”

Pharmacovigilance is defined as the science and activity relating to deduction, understanding and prevention of any adverse drug reaction or other drug-related problem. In short, the goal of Pharmacovigilance is to foresee any possible adverse effect on patient’s life and health via data collection and analysis in order to have preventive actions in a timely manner and hence put patient’s safety as our first priority.

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