Branchburg: Cerrone D.

Branchburg, Compliance

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Cerrone Dayo. I’ve been working at Roche for 7 years. I started as an Adecco Associate in August of 2004 and got hired as a Roche employee in September of 2006. I was born and raised in the Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Information Technology. When I’m not at work, I’m a triathlete. I look forward to being outdoors running, cycling or swimming.

In which Roche location are you currently working? What can you tell us about that location?

I work at Roche Molecular Diagnostics in the Branchburg, New Jersey USA site. Branchburg is located in Central New Jersey, 50 miles away from New York City and 62 miles away from Philadelphia. There are a lot of other Pharmaceutical / Diagnostics companies around the area and at the same time a lot of farmlands surrounding the area. It was perfect to do my Ironman training right after work. I would hop into my bike and easily get a good 30-mile bike workout along very scenic routes.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

While work is challenging, the outcomes are rewarding knowing Roche makes huge difference in patient’s lives.

What is your current job?

I work for the Quality Systems and Compliance department, and we are responsible for GMP training. Our focus is to ensure the company is in compliance with the regulatory agencies in regards to cGMP and employees are properly trained to perform their task, which will ensure we deliver on one of the Key Results in Branchburg which is to remain the “Right to Operate.”

What makes it a great place to work?

I feel privileged working for Roche knowing the products we make have tremendous impact to patients’ lives. I also see the company cares for their employees whether via employee recreation events or offering in-house services for our well-being (i.e., chair massages and yoga).

How would you describe the people working here?

Branchburg is currently going through a culture transformation. I trust the culture beliefs that have been set will make this place a much better place to work, some of the culture beliefs here in Branchburg are Create Trust, Get Results, Team Up and Be Accountable.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

People who would like to join us should be ready to work as a team, be involved be accountable and get results. There are plenty of employee development opportunities once you become part of the Roche Family.

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