Meet Natasha, Digital Marketing Manager at Roche Pleasanton

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How did Summer @ Roche internship help you grow professionally?

The Summer @ Roche internship provided me an opportunity to discover my interest and understand the different functionalities of a large company like Roche. I entered the program as a Marketing Support Intern, supporting the NAP/qPCR Business Team. From the start, I was quickly exposed to project plans, milestones, and deadlines; that too, for multiple projects. The NAP/qPCR team assigned me to digital marketing projects which really exposed me to the world of digital and its potential. As the summer went on, I learned the numerous possibilities digital can have when it comes to Marketing especially in the landscape we currently are exposed to.

During the program, I reached out to multiple individuals across different functions (Sales, Development, Clinical Ops, and Business) to really understand where I would fit in. It was an enriching experience talking to the employees and learning the different career paths one can take. I was able to truly understand where I belong and where I would succeed most. The best advice I received that summer was, to make sure I am doing what I love or else it’s “just another day at work.”

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?

Everyone is incredibly supportive at Roche. Starting from when I was an intern to when I converted, the employees have been unbelievably helpful and resourceful. Regardless of the question, anyone I have reached out to has always provided me either more information or somewhere I can find more information.

What has been the most rewarding experience you had at Roche?

The most rewarding experience during my internship was launching the Online Reagent Selection Guide alongside the guidance of the NAP/qPCR team. The new tool provides customers the ability to know which reagents fit their specific requirements. The Reagent Selection Guide offers more options to choose from and an efficient purchasing process. The purpose is to enhance the customer’s experience in order to facilitate the reagent purchasing decision. Visitors to this page, on average, stay on the site for 14 minutes 26 seconds, compared with the 4 minutes 14 seconds site average, pages per visit is higher and bounce rate is lower.

Another rewarding experience I had Roche was when I took part in the redesign of the website. I worked with the Product Communication Managers, Sr. Digital Marketing Managers as well as external agencies to rebuild RMD’s Global site over 240 pages from start to finish.

I was exposed to customer behavior, website analytics; redesign best practices, and much more! Post launch, my role as a Digital Marketing Analyst is now to make any content changes or site changes to the back-end of the website. The site on average get 25,000 visits a month since launch.

What would you advise students who want to join our Summer @ Roche program?

Definitely take advantage of where you are. Create connections. Understand where people have come from. There is no one way to reach somewhere, and I learned that through this internship. Find out where you belong by asking questions.

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