Meet Andrea, Clinical Research Associate at Roche Pleasanton

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How did Summer @ Roche internship help you grow professionally?

The Summer @ Roche internship allowed me to gain a better understanding of Roche as a company. I was able to speak with people in many different areas of such a large and successful company and see how they got where they are. From these experiences, facilitated by the internship program, I was able to discover my true interests and work towards my new goals. I was also able to really understand my strengths and weaknesses in a professional workplace and how to highlight or overcome these. The internship program opened my eyes to the variety of things I could do with my degree.

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?

The work environment at Roche is helpful and collaborative. Everyone is working towards a common goal and people are always willing to help. I think this was a great place to come in straight after school because so many people are willing to teach and want you to succeed.

There truly are no stupid questions here. The work/life balance is great too. It is great to hear what my coworkers spend their free time doing but then also see how focused and dedicated everyone is when they come to work today. Everyone is also so friendly and appears to be happy to come to work each day which is a huge encouragement on those rough days.

What has been the most rewarding experience you had at Roche?

The most rewarding experience I have had at Roche has been when I was recognized by members of my team for my hard work on one of our Clinical Trials. It is great to see that people appreciate and recognize the hard work I was putting in to get the job done.

I also participated in a Clinical Research Associate on-boarding certificate program. Being in this program early in my new role it was exciting to see how much I learned and could apply to my current role immediately. Once I completed the program, I was so proud of myself and really felt like I made the right decision.

What would you advise students who want to join our Summer @ Roche program?

Reach out and work hard! The internship is a great time to figure out what your real interests are. From talking to multiple teams during my internship program I was able to find areas within the company that I wanted to explore. It is also very important to excel at your summer project. People do come to the Poster Symposium at the end of the summer and really do care what the interns are up to. Your team will really get to know you and will later be able to recommend you for other projects or maybe even keep you on their team later down the line. Your project is important and really the first way you can show everyone at Roche the great work you are capable of. :)

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