Meet Falak, International Product Manager

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How did Summer @Roche internship help you grow professionally?

As a student, you always wonder about the right career path & role, what it takes to achieve it and how the academic lessons learnt would translate into real life applications in this role. Summer @Roche internship program provided an ideal platform to answer a lot of these questions for myself. I had the opportunity to participate in this program for two consecutive summers to learn about the broad scope of activities of the global business team at Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD). The first time around, I supported the Systems Lifecycle team in analyzing the key market trends to develop a business case for the launch of a new product. In the subsequent summer, I worked with the Blood Screening Lifecycle team to develop a market access toolkit to drive affiliate level adoption of an assay. Both of these projects helped me understand the different kind of roles a product manager plays ranging from upstream new product planning to downstream marketing communications and product commercialization.

I also got to network with professionals from different functional areas – to understand which kind of role align best with my career interests and how I can pursue it forward. Additionally, the mentorship program, “Working in the Biotech World” speaker series and HR workshops were also very helpful resources.  

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?

Collaborative. Transparent. Respectful. Inspiring. Fun. This pretty much says it all. You can see the Cultural Beliefs across all the walls and you work with peers who are its reflection. Everyone is very supportive, willing to help, eager to work hard and celebrate harder. Across all of this, there is a unifying patient centricity that drives the organization forward. 

Can you describe your transition from an intern to a regular full-time Roche employee?

During my internships, I was not only learning about the projects/products that I was working on, but also developing a broad understanding about the global organizational structure, and various development/commercial processes implemented at Roche. It was very interesting to learn about the concept of lifecycle management and how to successfully emerge as an individual contributor in this structure. These lessons learned made my transition into a full time role seamless. I recently joined the Companion Diagnostics Lifecycle Team at Roche Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) as an Associate International Product Manager.

What has been the most rewarding experience you had at Roche?

As an intern, I had contributed to a business case to develop and commercialize a new product targeting a specific market segment, where RMD had an attractive business opportunity. It was very gratifying to see the RMD leadership support that business idea and I am hopeful that soon I will see that product on the market.  It is rewarding to see your hard work pay off and make an impact to healthcare delivery.

What would you advise students who want to join our Summer @Roche program?

Summer @Roche is a truly rewarding experience. Make the most of your time by being proactive, asking questions, continuously learning and contributing. This is a great opportunity to figure out your career interests, utilize various resources to broaden your skillset, build connections and make your mark.  

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