Meet Dale

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Tell us a bit about yourself.  

Although I live in New Jersey now, I am from a small town in Vermont where I developed an affinity for the outdoors and a bit of adventure. Upon completion of my studies at the university and officer training, I received a commission in the U.S. Army and served for more than 25 years. I performed multiple roles in all three Army components (Active, Reserve and the National Guard) culminating a very gratifying career as a Colonel. Traveling and family are two of my greatest passions as well as enjoying a peaceful ride on my motorcycle along rural, back roads of the country side. I have two amazing sons, both of whom are full-time university students.

Why did you decide to join Roche?  

Roche has a great reputation, and I wanted to be a part of an innovative company that develops products which provide hope to patients and potentially save lives.

My work helps Roche to…

... ensure that the quality materials needed for the development and manufacturing of diagnostic kits are sourced and delivered in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

How has your service in the U.S. Army impacted your professional career?   

My time in the U.S. Army made me a better person and leader. I gained a more focused understanding of my values, and I learned the importance of team-work and trust; it takes a combined effort to be successful. Additionally, the Army instilled in me a sense of discipline and the importance of critical thinking. These characteristics have served me well in my professional career. Lastly, the military environment is fluid, and things rarely go as planned. This is not unlike the corporate workplace where change is ever-present. U.S. Army training reinforces good planning, decision making and the ability to adapt.

How would you describe the culture and work environment at Roche?

The culture at Roche is among the best that I have experienced in the civilian workplace. The levels of teamwork and commitment are unparalleled, and people truly care about one another. It is a professional environment with opportunities for team building and individual development. Patients are the central focus, and it is rewarding to learn about new technologies and share in the successes of newly launched products. Roche exemplifies the culture of accountability and is an exciting place to work!

What distinguishes the Roche culture from the culture at other companies you have worked for?  

What distinguishes the Roche culture from other companies are the high levels of engagement and commitment that I have experienced working with others across the business.

What has been your biggest opportunity to date within Roche?

My biggest opportunity within Roche to date has been the ability to work strategically at the global level with others from different cultures and backgrounds, which has broadened my professional experience.

How would you describe working at Roche in three words?

Exciting, Purposeful, Rewarding

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