Inside Tunisia

In Tunisia, Roche has a representative office, which is represented by a Pharmaceutical division only.

ROCHE Tunisia has a strong position among the top 5 pharmaceutical companies on the Tunisian Hospital market despite of tough competition from Tunisian and international companies.

In Tunisian hospital market, Roche was ranked as second in 2009 and as leader in 2010 with 15, 5% growth for the same period. In 2010 Roche revenue reached 32.900 Mio CHF considering that Hospital market value for the same year was around 250 Mio CHF.

Roche focuses on areas of significant unmet medical need and places where the company has the expertise to make a difference. Roche is making the difference in the Tunisian market in particular with innovation on Biosimilar products. Roche is focusing on marketing and sales for the main therapeutic areas: Oncology and Virology with the aim to develop patients access program.


ROCHE is based in the northern suburb of Tunisia and is located in a business district with a nice lack view.

Tunisian Roche office is actually handing two countries Tunisia and Libya.

Our Team is small, young and very dynamic. Field force members, which are around 15 people, work with enthusiasm and energy. They also strongly believe that they are helping people by working with Roche as most of them are graduated in Medicine, Pharmacy, biology...

In total, 25 people work for the Pharmaceutical division of Roche in Tunisia. Around 80% of the employees are women. It is a very stable company with employees which joined the group for 5, 10 and even 20 years, that’s to say that they all share Roche values and work on helping the new comers to integrate Roche by focusing on those basis.


To reach a job with Roche, of course education is important, and as a pharmaceutical structure, we are basically looking for people which are graduated in pharmaceutical, medical, biological, scientific field… However we keep in mind that the most important quality after all, is the personality. We are looking for someone who is integer. As Roche is acting in transparency, it needs employees who believe that integrity is the best way to build trust and confidence on Roche and with colleagues.

To work within Roche the most important thing is to be passionate by what you are doing; you have to strongly believe that you are making the difference with your work and don’t ever forget that you are helping people, you are helping someone to ease his pain and if you are lucky you’re may be even helping someone to cure his illness.